amazing wallpapers

Posted: Sep 29, 2010 by Kade in

So I found these amazing wallpapers from, and thought they were just too good not to share!

I have this one as my background right now ^

Note: Be sure to click on the picture before you save it down.


  1. anna :) says:

    i like the first on the best(:

    and right now my background is stellar kart, but i might change it sometime soon...

  1. Madison says:

    Ooooh. These are sha-weet!

  1. Liberty says:

    Awesome dude! I wish I had them on my computer!

  1. anna :) says: won't get shot from coming to my blog. yes, it looks girly and yes, it's mainly for girls, but hey. yo a brother in Christ and it's all good :)

    and thanks! i got it from your blog :)

    -anna :)

  1. hey kade! Bleah sent me, but I don't see a "follow" button....?

    I'm afraid I'll have to make the second one my wallpaper. ;)