Uganda 2011 Promo Video

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Lord willing I will be going to Uganda this summer!!! I'll be doing training as an intern with ACM. (African Children's Mission). I'll be tutoring English, leading worship, helping with construction, and training in their clinic for 3 months!

And I definitely want you to be a part of this! Uh... actually I need you to be a part of this because I am leaving in a little over a month, and I need near 4,000!! And I have nothing.

So if you have money, send it here.

African Children's Mission
P.O. Box 26470 Ÿ Birmingham, AL 35260
(make payable to ACM, and mark "for Woodell")

If you don't have money, or don't want to give it to a cute kid like me, please get my updates and pray for me!! Cuz boy do I need it. Send me an email (through my profile link) and I'll send you an email.

Come on and join my team!!

The Smoking Light

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Haha, I made this on our trip.

back from vacation

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Just got back from vacation to the east coast!! I had a good time, but I'm glad to be back! You'll probably see some more pics later!


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As you can see, I am having fun. Vacation on the east coast!!

the FBI Sellout

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I hope you guys are enjoying these films!