Ten reasons I would last long in a zombie attack.

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1. My weapon of choice: fists.
2. Peripheral vision.
3. Lightning-fast reflexes.
4. My round-house-kick-to-the-face.
5. I played baseball in middle school, so my knowledge of the optional baseball bat weapon is highly useful.
6. Humongous upper body strength.
7. Determination of 186 bulls stacked on top of each other.
8. IQ of 210.1
9. My Certificate of Ninja Efficiency.
10. My inhumane speed of the combined horse-power of a Ferrari and a coffee grinder.

I have some different songs on my playlist so check those out!
Tomorrow we will discuss 'Spiritual vs. Godly'!


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Mon the 28th, you will see my blog awake and alive, 'cuz I'm coming back.

10 for 10 Thousand

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Teens for Orphans needs 10 thousand for the next payment of the orphanage, so we are asking you to donate some bucks, and then GET YOUR 10 to donate!!

Then RE-POST this to your blog, so we roll!!

Donate at teens4orphans.org.

got snow?

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Reasons to vote Hayden for Gov.

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