would you let THIS guy work on your teeth!?!

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Yeah, scary, I know.

Thursday we will be working on real people.

busy times...

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Boy have I got a busy next few weeks! Check this out:

Today - I'm going to a friend's birthday party camping (and airsofting) trip!

Thursday - I'm free.

Friday and Saturday - I'm taking the Perspectives Coordinator Workshop.

Sunday - Church!! (don't you just love it? I find myself looking foreward to Sunday all week long because I love my church and my Jesus)

Monday through Friday - Basic Dental Care class!!! Yeah!!!

Saturday - I do n't know what's happening...

Sunday through Saturday- My family and I leave for Houston with my dad ('cause he's got a business trip). And I think we're gone all that week. And we get to see the Robbins!! (some old friends of ours)

Be sure I'll be posting some pictures soon!!

the making of the witch king

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So last week we went to a Lord of the Rings party... and we all had to dress up. And for some reason, my brother wanted to be the witch king. And he didn't want to use cardboard for the helmet... but real metal.

So he recruited my help since now I can draw. First, we drew a sketch of our cut-out:

Then we matched it up with the metal and started cutting it out with some garden shears. (just kidding, but that's what they looked like):

Then, you've got to take a break and have some fun:

                         Then we got a grinder and smoothed out the edges ('cause they were kinda sharp) and then drilled a few holes in the back so we could feed a shoe lace through it; securing it.
      So here's the almost finished product:

I know... your already scared, and we're not even done!

Then of course, you have to have the witch king mace/bola thing. So we took our fake nun-chucks and made some foam spikes and attached them on the end forming this:

And the finished product:

It's crazy.

So here's Kole; the finished.


And here's a bonus, Kyler as a wood elf:

And here's me as the Ranger Kade. Unfortunately, I didn't appear in the book or movie... 'cause then the story would have been too short, I would have killed the bad guys way too fast.

Now comment and tell me what you think!

Paint balling is so much fun!!

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I got 8 kills... 5 of them in my Rambo round... once you work your way around the back they're toast.

It was Luke's going away party. He's joining up with Life Action ministries! I'm going to miss you man, thanks for being my friend and an example of Christ in my life! You are someone I look up to and want to be like even though you're only, what, a year older than me?

you didn't know I could draw, did you?

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Well check this out!!
This is Chinese and it says: "His Love. The Cross. My All."

Now this is Korean... and here's what it's supposed to say:
"For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He is my only rock and salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken."
And here's what it really says:
God alone my soul waits in silence; to offer him my salvation. He rocks my only salvation. My fortress is, I cannot be shaken.

He rocks my only salvation?
Yep. I messed up.


I laughed my head off.

just having fun...

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I didn't play so well today... I got killed too much.

It wouldn't fit around my waist... so I double-wrapped it around my lower thigh.

my birthday...

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For those of you who wanted to know what I did for my birthday (um... that would be Eldarwen) I had some friends over, and we hung out for a while... and then Mom and Dad to me to a Koren barbecue where I saw one of my friends who took the shallow well digging class with me! (small world) And then we topped the night off by watching (half of) The Return of the Dragon with Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.

btw. I now have a bookface uh... spacebook no... mybook...

Oh that's right... FACEBOOK.

It's the fourth!!

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I added a new song on the side for the 4th!! Check it out, it's by John Wayne.

I also added "Thank you" by Tedashii.

I'll post later too...

tomorrow is special

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Tomorrow I am turning 16!