“I’ll be back"

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So for now I will be off blogger, things are just getting too busy for me to keep up. I’m working on remodels and starting college. One day I will start posting again, but instead of every-day life I will be doing articles I think.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Back and Alive

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So sorry I haven't posted or even followed up on the Africa trip! I doubt many are reading this dead page anymore, but yes I am back! It's been quite a busy time back in the states... God was good and used that trip a lot to grow me . But I was not sad to leave. It was time. I saw and experienced missions in a hard way... I guess in a real way.

Now back home I'm doing a lot with Teens for Orphans, working with a friend, thinking about the future, etc. But definitely keeping very busy. I hope to start college next year and take some CLEPs this year.

in the bush

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Sup from AFRICA.

I am so glad and blessed to be here. It is a wonderful place, especially on the Ekitangala Ranch... people are extremely friendly to the 'Moozoogoos'.

I was blessed with a nice house to stay in a great food which I am really thankful for as I serve the Lord in this country that he loves.

I've had the opportunity to visit many schools and meet many people... hopefully I can build some strong relationships with these people, they are all beautiful and friendly.

I've also been working hard on some various projects that are cool and help the community very much. I dug a trench last week for a gas pipe to run from their bio-gas system, and this week I cut steel to make a frame for a solar-powered water heater. I don't know if it gets any cooler that that... I mean that's sweet.

A Matter of Hours

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In less than 40 hours, I will be leaving for Uganda.

And I'll be there for 3 months!!

It's a big deal.

Julian Smith

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So since I'm not being really creative now... I'll put up some videos of someone who is!

You guys are being selfish.

You want a big sandwich Big Boy??

Uh... Warner. I'm Mr. Warner.

What are you stupid??

'S' stands for Shackelford

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So an update!

The Uganda trip is just around the corner! I still need a lot of money and prayers, but I know God will come through. He always has! So far He's blessed me with around $1,875 which is near half of what I need!

Also- a lot of my friends are planning on going to Tennessee for Teenpact NC! I won't be going, but my heart is with them as I make some promo and posters for Abi!!

What's up with you? Any plans for summer?

Movie ideas?

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So I like making cheesy films! Anyone have an idea for one? And maybe I'll make it for you!

Wanna see something?

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And only $3,000 till she is paid off.
Teens for Orphans

Uganda 2011 Promo Video

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Lord willing I will be going to Uganda this summer!!! I'll be doing training as an intern with ACM. (African Children's Mission). I'll be tutoring English, leading worship, helping with construction, and training in their clinic for 3 months!

And I definitely want you to be a part of this! Uh... actually I need you to be a part of this because I am leaving in a little over a month, and I need near 4,000!! And I have nothing.

So if you have money, send it here.

African Children's Mission
P.O. Box 26470 Ÿ Birmingham, AL 35260
(make payable to ACM, and mark "for Woodell")

If you don't have money, or don't want to give it to a cute kid like me, please get my updates and pray for me!! Cuz boy do I need it. Send me an email (through my profile link) and I'll send you an email.

Come on and join my team!!

The Smoking Light

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Haha, I made this on our trip.

back from vacation

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Just got back from vacation to the east coast!! I had a good time, but I'm glad to be back! You'll probably see some more pics later!


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As you can see, I am having fun. Vacation on the east coast!!

the FBI Sellout

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I hope you guys are enjoying these films!


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A good film.

Air Soft One & II

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So here's Air Soft One and II!! Haha, I just realized that our movies have gotten a lot better with some of our more recent films, but I hope you enjoy!

THIS WEEK: the Movie Marathon

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So, soon I'm going to get a you tube account, and upload some amazing movies!

I'm not kidding... you will NOT want to miss them!

So... join me this week for the Movie Marathon!!!

And after you see the first... you'll prolly invite your friends. Which is fine.

Stuff is Happening

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So we've got this habit of making home videos... Here's one we made last week!

I think you need to have facebook to view this... that's the downside.

But you can see it with any account, so find a friend with Facebook if you don't have one, and watch this amazing film!

remodel + friends + money + chick fil a = fun fun fun!

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So, I've been working at a remodel with my best friends, and you can imagine how much fun it is!!

We just pushed this over yesterday.

a prayer

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Let’s pray-
Dear Father in the name, Of Your holy Son
I desire to be like Jesus, I pray for us to be one
I desire to give, I desire to serve
I desire to love others with more than my words
Bless me to be humble, bless me to be meek
I want to be a joy when people come around me
Give me a gentle spirit, bless me to be content
Please keep me from my sin, let me quickly repent
Please give me discipline, give me self control
To know when to stop, and when to say no
Make me a bold witness, please remove fear
Replace it with faith, pour out Your spirit here
Fill me up Lord, let me overflow
Let me overdose, make me holy, keep me close
I want to give it all, until there’s none left
But I can’t be 'too given'; look at Your Son’s death.

'Tonight' by Flame, echoed by me.


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Well I'm happy to announce that Christian Rap won! Yeah!

you share

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Hey, so how/where/who are you cliqued with!?

Share some ministries/organizations that you are passionate about!

man, we're getting...

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CLIQUED!! [pronounced clicked]

So I've discovered this really important factor for the Christian. Its not new or anything, but it's just been really clear to me recently. It's the power of community, (or cliques). If we are going to be a generation that changes the world, we need to be unified! So we need to find churches, youth groups, organizations, etc. that are doing things that we are passionate about... and then jump on board with 110%.

1. Find a ministry that you are passionate about.
2. Donate a bunch of dollars if that's what they're about.
3. Find out what else you can do.
4. Contact them. And let them know who you are, what you can do, and that you're going to give 110%!

I don't care THAT much what you are passionate about, but I do want you to be giving 110%! So here are some organizations that may suit your passionate... you don't have to get cliqued with one of these organizations, but you do have to GET CLIQUED either way...

Teens for Orphans International
Run by teens. Ministry to Orphans. Project: Building an orphanage.

Hope to Others
Run by teens. Ministry to the poor/homeless. 

DO: Living Water
Run by teens. Providing clean water.

Faith Journey Fellowship
My faith family.

Open doors
Working with the persecuted church.

Mobilizing Christians to missions and God's heart for the world.

[My 2010 clique]

"Cliqued up forty deep. We all saved, all serious.
Cliqued up forty deep. Come on, holla at us if ya curious."

tops (the answers)

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So the top three persecuted countries are:

1. North Korea
2. Iran
3. Afghanistan

Good guesses!

To find out more about this kinda stuff go to Open Doors and check out their World Watch list of the top 50 persecuted countries.


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Don't look it up.

What are the top three persecuted countries in the world?

Give it a good guess, and don't be chicken about it.


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Sweet, we have some really cool perspectives! Here's what you said:

I think the two main reasons that I personally would pick Hymns over rap is 1)it is more pleasing to listen to and 2) the connotation you get by listening to rap music is that you are listening to a song that is littered with bad language and other "bad stuff"... When I listen to rap, all I can really think about is guys doing gang signs, and doing things that aren't glorifying Him. -Christine

For me it depends on the words. There some Hymns that have words that are... just not good, or that don't make sense! And the same with rap, or any contemporary Christian song. It depends on the lyrics. Rap isn't my style haha. But this you already know! ;) -Madison

Either way, OUR GOD IS WORTHY! Never stop worshiping!!! -Marissa

For me it totally depends on the song and the words... -Hayley

Personally I've heard better rap lyrics than hymns, but vice versa too. Though I know I'd rather listen to rap than hymns. -Kyler

"Christ rebelled by shunnin' the culture. He eatin' with the sinners givin' Pharisees ulcers. Never got married He was broke plus homeless. yeah, that's the God i roll with. [Lecrae] " -Anna

Anywho, I think hymns vs. rap depends on the person: the rap might witness to some people, while hymns work better with others. So, I believe it just depends on the person. (: -Lily

'Christian Rap' is winning in the poll! Get your friends to vote for your side!

Christian Rap vs. Hymns

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Be Thou my Vision, O Lord of my heart;

Naught be all else to me, save that Thou art.
Thou my best Thought, by day or by night,
Waking or sleeping, Thy presence my light

-Dallan Forgaill

Twas grace that taught my heart to fear
and grace my fears relieved
how precious did that grace appear
the hour i first believed
-John Newton

Crown  him with many crowns
The lamb upon his throne
Hark! how the heavenly anthem drowns all music but its own
Awake my soul and sing! 
Of him who died for me
And hail him as the matchless King through all eternity.
-Matthew Bridges
No more livin in the darkness,
no more livin heartless                 
cause you got that Holy Spirit
dwellin inside your carcass
You're life's been changed up
rearranged up, you've been reborn
and you don't have to do the same stuff
you live regenerate
you get the benefit
of Christ crucified
but you gotta live in it
God is preeminent
forgiveness is unlimited,
but stop! and...

Hey what you know about this God?

He's way too great homie, I can't grasp Him

Hey what you know about this God?

He's too complex my mind can't fathom
What you know about this God?
He's amazing, behold Him, I praise Him, He's golden
Hey what you know about this God?
He's INEXHAUSTIBLE, I'm amazed just to know Him

-Trip Lee

I'm not that impressive, matter of fact

I'm who I are: a trail of stardust leading to the superstar


These are just some examples. Anybody's perspective change?? I've found lately that I like a few hymns like 'Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus' and 'Crown Him with Many Crowns'.

But the question is...

Which is better? Christian rap or Hymns? You decide!


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I'm real sorry, I've had 'complications', but I'll get the post/poll up by Saturday. Have a wonderful day!


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So immediately when i ask you... What do good christians listen to? What comes to your mind? Many of you will probably think hymns! Thats what i would think, because that's what the general opinion is and has been in conservative circles.

Now immediately when I ask you, what is bad music? Many of you will think rap, metal, or scream-o. Because, well, most of it is bad, and that's what the general opinion is in conservative circles, even though there is plenty of good Christian rap, etc. in our day and age.

But this is where we come to a problem. Why in conservative circles are hymns considered the most spiritual, and why do we encounter negativeness towards rap, etc.?

Well, my next post will be 'Hymns vs. Christian Rap'. And I will lay out some lyrics from both sides. Then the poll will begin, and we will officially lay this thing down! But hopefully when we are done and by setting aside our misconceptions, baggage, and 'hostility,' we can have and open mind for any music that glorifies God!

the Kuka people

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Hey, let's pray for these people in Chad, AFRICA.

Spiritual vs. Godly

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Ever noticed our Christian traditions and rules that automatically 'make us good Christians'? They make us appear to be pursuing God, but many times they're just man-made ways to be 'Christian'.

Here's some Spiritual things we Americans do:
We go to church and youth group.
We read our Bibles.
We don't listen to secular music.
We don't listen to rap/metal etc.
We pray before our meals.
We give 10%.
We don't drink.
We don't cuss.

Some of these rules and traditions are very good! But this is not what being a Christian is! 

So here's some Godly things we need to focus on more:
Loving God.
Loving others.

What are some 'spiritual' things you do in your life that give you a false sense of pleasing God?

Ten reasons I would last long in a zombie attack.

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1. My weapon of choice: fists.
2. Peripheral vision.
3. Lightning-fast reflexes.
4. My round-house-kick-to-the-face.
5. I played baseball in middle school, so my knowledge of the optional baseball bat weapon is highly useful.
6. Humongous upper body strength.
7. Determination of 186 bulls stacked on top of each other.
8. IQ of 210.1
9. My Certificate of Ninja Efficiency.
10. My inhumane speed of the combined horse-power of a Ferrari and a coffee grinder.

I have some different songs on my playlist so check those out!
Tomorrow we will discuss 'Spiritual vs. Godly'!


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Mon the 28th, you will see my blog awake and alive, 'cuz I'm coming back.

10 for 10 Thousand

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Teens for Orphans needs 10 thousand for the next payment of the orphanage, so we are asking you to donate some bucks, and then GET YOUR 10 to donate!!

Then RE-POST this to your blog, so we roll!!

Donate at teens4orphans.org.

got snow?

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Reasons to vote Hayden for Gov.

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teenpact arkansas

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Just got back from Teenpact, and it was awesome!!

Look at all the lovely ladies and handsome studs from North West!!!!!

My favorite part of teenpact was hanging with friends and helping their campaigns!!

They both didn't make it, but they did an awesome job for first-timers, and... made it out of primaries!! I had a great time!

teenpact promo - sneek peek

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So I've been having a lot of fun lately!! I'm getting ready for Teenpact, and excited because a lot of my friends are coming and I get to help out with their campaigns!! So check out what I made for posters!!

Haha, I love it!!
I've also made a bunch of others.

Haha! Oh man...

SO good

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Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.

For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. For the creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the sons of God.

God is SO good, and I can't wait!

happy to be alive

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"Now it's sunny with the high of 75'
since you took my heavy heart and made it lite,
and it's funny how you find you enjoy your life
when you're happy to be alive!"

Have a great day.

2010 Recap/Highlights

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My biggest, baddest highlights from 2010 are: