What happened to Billy?

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So here's the long a-waited movie Haden and I made!

To see and follow my boy Haden's blog, go here! I think he'll start posting regularly if he gets a few followers...


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Okay, so I lied. I'm not going to post the video until Monday, 'cause there's probably not many people online during the weekend. If you are on.... then give me a hard time.

So last night, my little brothers had one of their friends over, and we played Desert Storm II which was pretty fun... I don't play video games much, so whenever we're with friends, that's the time to live it up! So I was playing a level that I had already done like 3 times, so I decided to go ninja-style and use only my knife. And it was awesome! I got 9 kills and 0 deaths. And once, I snuck around the side, came up to the barricades and knifed 'em from behind.

And of course, being the older brother, I had to chuck a few grenades at the other boys. I was pretty funny when I took Kwinn out. They were about to kick me off!

a little humor from today...

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So today was a lot of fun! School was hard,
but hey, I'm still alive.

Here's some funny quotes from today:
So I come downstairs ready to start on my school, and I sit down next to my sisters and say,
"Hey school buddies!"
Clarity frowns.
Kade: "What?"
Clarity: "I don't want you to call me that."
*I plop my books down on the table*
Clarity: "Is that all you have to do?"
Kade: "Yeah..."
*Her mouth opens*
Clarity: "That's it?"
Kade "Yeah..."
Clarity: "You don't have a lot"
Kade (imagining her trying to do some Algebra when I have to help her add to five): "Yea"
Clarity (with a smile): "We have the most school".
Kade (turning my head away): "Yeah..."

So I made dinner tonight:
And afterward Kwinn ignores his chore of cleaning up dinner, and sits down to play Super Smash Bros. with Kyler and Seth.
Kade (leaning over and seeing the counter top): "Kwinn, you need to clean up dinner."
Kwinn: "What? That's your mess."
*long pause*
Kade: "Unless you want me to go outside, dig a bit pit, throw you in it and cover it back up, you need to go clean up dinner."

Dad and Mom come home from their "day vacation" and they come to the top of the stairs as I say hello.
Dad: "Kade, can you stop writing on your wrist?"
Kade: (looking down at my new tat)

btw. Tomorrow I have a HUGE TREAT for anyone who comes to check it out! The only hint I'll give you is...
Haden and I made a movie, and I'm going to post it!
You think that was too big of a hint? Anybody?


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WARNING: Do not try this at home.
So you know how when you twist up a plastic bottle and then spin the cap and it blows off? Well, I did the same thing, except with a gallon milk carton, and a twist tie!


that sign...

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You know that awesome sign I was telling ya'll about? Well my friend took a picture of it and sent it to me, so this is it:

It's hard to see, but I can make out a guy in a clone suit and a vader one.

Zoomed up, the sign is like the one I typed in the other post.

Pretty cool...

the invasion (hero)

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Creation's groaning, lost their hope and feel they always closed in. Lots to cope with, on the ropes, wish they was in the open. This broken world is so dim, our souls are searching, groping. For one with hope to hold us close, and set goodness in motion. I remember growing up in Dallas, I thought me and my close kin/ Was more than straight, our folks was great ,not broke that paper flowed in. Not boasting man, just saying in my brain I didn't know then. That all went wrong, and it just can't go right like a broke pen. My mind was blind and cloaked in, but then that foolishness departed. I saw this thing's an ocean, and we just tryna swim real far but But can't nobody float when/ we ain't got boats or no fins We need a hero to go in, cause our solutions don't win/ Education can't fix it, more dough just leads to more sin /Medicine is temporary, government seems so thin /With all these weighty problems, that ain't shrinking they just growing /Who's adequate to save us, how about He knew no sin?


Like a G5 yeah you rushed to rescue me /Took a cross in exchange for a throne to save me /You began the work and I know you'll finish /And make all things right when you come back /Cause you're my hero, you already saved the day Cause you're my hero, and I know you're coming back for me

Verse 2:

Follow the steps bro, Adam sinned now we all dead so /We gotta sentence on our head like death row, everything is wrecked /All creation is a mess bro, In the fullness of time, in steps the hero no red cloak, He's Jesus /No flashing lights, glitz n glam, and no cameras /He came to serve needy folks, and point them to the answer /You see Him healing, feeding folks, and telling them the standard Our most basic need is to be ransomed by Jesus /It has first place, yeah we separated in the worst ways /Even physically peep how the earth quakes Separated socially, murder and the worst rapes /Even separated from ourselves, we in the worst state It's so major, that's the reason that we need a Savior /Cause the root of needs is separation from Creator Jesus came humbly to restore us to our maker /And later He'll restore all that He made bro, He's Jesus

Verse 3:

God is not pleased man, it's clear that His standards missed /The world is running rampant with, sin it's an abandonment /Man is feeling stranded, feeling hopeless since his banishment /God is angry at the distortion and the mismanagement /Evil is at work, but don't be thinking He can't handle it /He promised He would do away with all of it, dismantle it He's put up with this damage in His world, but He's promised us That He'll destroy all His enemies and then He'll walk with us /New Heaven, new Earth that's where all His sheep dwell /Cause Jesus succeeded in every part of life that we failed /Died the death we couldn't die, paid our price with 3 nails /Began the work He promised, in the end we all will be well /Already beat our enemies and when His Kingdom's realized /All those who oppose Him will see Jesus with some real eyes /Deliverance is offered us, the hero He is urging us /Salvation is exclusive to His people who have turned to trust.

I can take over the world with: _______

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Okay, so here's something fun! Vote on the poll and then explain in a comment how you will take over the world with one of the following:

a dairy cow and lance
chuck norris
a toothpick

And then we'll see who is the most talented! (and creative!). And I will post the winner's explanation. Although.... It'll probably be my own... (that's right, I just insulted you. now start yours!)

so im testing this. its from my phone. Y

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so im testing this. its from my phone. You didnt kno i had mad kung fu skills, huh? This was one of the donated sale items that i was thinking about purchasing. Not.


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So today TfO had a "garage" sale today at my church's location, and God blessed with:

We made a really sweet sign and I really wanted a picture of it, but someone took it down. Bummer... But It was a huge sign, and it looked like this: 


We were just going to put "huge" garage sale, but then decided that we needed to be a bit cooler than that since we are teens for orphans! (teens4orphans.org)
Haha, it was really fun, and we had a ton of great helpers! They even stood with the sign on the corner with a darth vador and a clone costume, just to be a bit more stellar. Huh.

It's so awesome that God lets us be a part of something like this! Bigger than ourselves... a purpose greater.

Give God all the glory from this sale!

Polls Galore!!

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I posted some serious and FUN polls on the side! So vote 'em up!

the ShowStopper

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I thought this video was hilarious!

For all yall...

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whose chose "a wizard's staff" as your weapon... you'll be the first to die. I didn't say that you were a wizard. What are you going to do? Fight off a cave troll with a stick?

For all yall who chose "a spoon" as their weapon... funny, but you'd better have a secondary weapon, cause I hate to tell you, but unless you've got some mad-skills that I don't know about... you'll die too.

For all yall who chose "a bow and two swords" as your weapons. Who do you think you are!?! Legolas? Can you even use a bow? And I never said that you could move like an elf.

For all yall who chose "my fists". You rock! Definitely a good chose of arms. Get it? Arms?

For all yall who chose "an axe" or "axes" or a "mace"... very sensible. If you don't know how to use a sword, a hunkin weapon that can slice through armor and do a lot of damage is a very good idea.

For all yall who chose "a sword and shield" or "a sword and a knife" as your weapons... also very sensible. Having defense is extremely important.

For you two who chose "the ring"... I'm coming after you first! You evil persons!!

For those who chose a spear... a very good idea, although I hope you have a better idea if your enemy gets past your spear.

And for the one who chose the "bola"... you're kinda left out, aren'tcha?

wanna watch a movie? 100 times?

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Hey, can yall help my friend? She is quite an amazing person. I didn't even know she could sing...

Hey everybody! I just entered the 104.7 The Fish Opening Act Contest for the Celebrate Freedom event on Sept. 4th in Atlanta, GA. The way this contest works is that the top 5 viewed contestants on youtube will go to this event and one will be chosen to sing as the opening act for the night. Since I just entered, I have some catching up to do...so that means spreading the word like crazy on FB, twitter, myspace, email, etc. The more views, the more numbers and chance of getting to go to GA. Even if you have to just keep refresing the page or watch it 100,000,000 times...we just have to get those numbers rising!

Here is the link! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7hw0-FNOQQ&feature=player_embedded

Thanks everybody!

NEW blog buttons

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So I thought I would have some fun making some hilarious blog buttons! (These are the funniest buttons ever I've ever seen...) So feel free to take any of them and link them to me! I would absolutely love it! In fact, tell me if you put one up 'cause I wanna se it!


2. (this would have to go in a post)



You can vote on the side on which button is your favorite. Mine is 4. "THE FACE OF KADE" :)


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I'm always looking for songs and tunes that seek to worship Jesus with everything in them. And I think that Jesus is most magnified, glorified, and worshipped through these guys.

So anyone want to hear some great music!?!

And I'd love for you to comment and tell me what you think about these tunes!

LOTR poll

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So I decided to have this Lord of the Rings poll... and I think it's hiliarious!! So you HAVE to vote. And if you want... comment and explain what and why you choose.

So your choice of weapons are:
a bow
a sword
an axe
my fists
a sword and shield
two swords and a bow
a knife and sword
a knife
a wizard's staff
the ring
a spoon
a mace
a bola
a spear

And if you want... invite your friends to come in and vote.


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Kade W. (age 15), nominated by his father Bill W., Bentonville Sales Office, Nestlé Emerging Markets

While serving in orphanages in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Kade was so impacted by the need for additional orphanages that he began his own not-for-profit organization called Teens for Orphans (TfO) to raise funds to build an orphanage. Kade is truly a Drumstick Hero for helping needy children across the world and enlisting other teens in his community to serve a cause “bigger than themselves.”
So my Dad entered me into this contest Nestle was having, and I won!! I am now a drumstick hero. What does that mean?
Nestle is going to sponsor a party for me and 50 of my friends!
Well, I'm back from vacation to Dallas and Houston, and I had a great time!
And no, I did not wipe out.

But everyone else in my family did. :)