How do you like my trumpet?

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He came from heaven to earth. Earth to the grave.
Grave to the sky. He waved a goodbye.
From the mount of olives They gazed in the sky.
Endowed with power so when their facing their trials, they would not cower. Not faint.
Not bow or about face.
Be His mouth piece even when under attack.
And do outreach cuz Jesus is coming back.

Yea, you see dat lightning flash, you hear that thunder roll
Cant wait till Christ is back. This song should comfort those.
Who walk the righteous path, who had a love for those. The saints in christ relax,

Yeah, when dat Trumpet blows. x8
Dear LORD I wonder when I'm gonna see you, but I cant wait and I pray that itll be soon!

-d.a. Truth & Trip Lee
"Trumpet Blow"

Christmas is comin'!

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its rising

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You guys remember that old, boring, organization Teens for Orphans?

Well check out what's happening!!!!!!

The orphanage is rising!!!

But don't just watch it... help out!! Give an orphanage this Christmas at!

Where would we be without Jesus?

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We would be LOST.

How to Strike a Match - Twice

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Hey peeps, If you could, please be praying that I could get a job at Chick fil a!!

middle-school physc

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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, things are kinda crazy over here...

Yesterday we got to put on a little program for a middle school, and that was a bunch of fun! Nathan, our drummer bailed!! So I attempted to play in his stead (without practicing the songs beforehand)... and it wasn't bad. We also played dodge ball with giant marshmallows, and my brother got a nice shot on me. :(
Haha, we also had a fog machine that we flipped on when we did an acoustic Christmas set. Guess whos idea that was? Haha, it was so much fun with the kids!