David R. Kingsley

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I had a great week in TN and I'll post about it later... but this post is about a hero.
To hear some other great stories of American Heros go here.

You've heard the blonde joke... but this guy purposly gave his parachute away.

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty, June 23, 1944 near Ploesti, Rumania, while flying as bombardier of a B17 type aircraft. On the bomb run 2d Lt. Kingsley's aircraft was severely damaged by intense flak and forced to drop out of formation but the pilot proceeded over the target and 2d Lt. Kingsley successfully dropped his bombs, causing severe damage to vital installations. The damaged aircraft, forced to lose altitude and to lag behind the formation, was aggressively attacked by 3 ME-109 aircraft, causing more damage to the aircraft and severely wounding the tail gunner in the upper arm. The radio operator and engineer notified 2d Lt. Kingsley that the tail gunner had been wounded and that assistance was needed to check the bleeding. 2d Lt. Kingsley made his way back to the radio room, skillfully applied first aid to the wound, and succeeded in checking the bleeding. The tail gunner's parachute harness and heavy clothes were removed and he was covered with blankets, making him as comfortable as possible. Eight ME-109 aircraft again aggressively attacked 2d Lt. Kingsley's aircraft and the ball turret gunner was wounded by 20mm. shell fragments. He went forward to the radio room to have 2d Lt. Kingsley administer first aid. A few minutes later when the pilot gave the order to prepare to bail out, 2d Lt. Kingsley immediately began to assist the wounded gunners in putting on their parachute harness. In the confusion the tail gunner's harness, believed to have been damaged, could not be located in the bundle of blankets and flying clothes which had been removed from the wounded men. With utter disregard for his own means of escape, 2d Lt. Kingsley unhesitatingly removed his parachute harness and adjusted it to the wounded tail gunner. Due to the extensive damage caused by the accurate and concentrated 20mm. fire by the enemy aircraft the pilot gave the order to bail out, as it appeared that the aircraft would disintegrate at any moment. 2d Lt. Kingsley aided the wounded men in bailing out and when last seen by the crewmembers he was standing on the bomb bay catwalk. The aircraft continued to fly on automatic pilot for a short distance, then crashed and burned. His body was later found in the wreckage. 2d Lt. Kingsley by his gallant heroic action was directly responsible for saving the life of the wounded gunner.


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I'm going to be gone this week... beacause I'm going to National Convention!!!

And actually, I think you can watch what's happening LIVE on the website. That's kinda cool.

But I did want to tell you that my family and a few others went here last night!:

Yeah... kinda hard to see. But its a Demolition Derby! What fun! My favorite was when they brought out the "mini-car demo". They went a lot faster... so there was more action.

Have a great week!

pics from the Trip

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We had a great time on the Buffalo River! We also had a waterproof camera... and those are going to turn out pretty cool, so I'm waiting to get those.

Have a great Thursday!
Random Fact:
In our family we get to play the computer on Thursdays and Fridays, and so whenever Thursday comes around, it's like "Star Wars Battlefront II day" for us. :) Last week I got 112 kills and I only died 4 times... using no vehicles or jedi.

Holt and DDR

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So the other day we were at Jim Holt's watch party (he was running for U.S. Senate)... but unfortunately, we lost. I'm really bummed about it too... I worked really hard 'cause I wanted this guy to make it! And I'm not a good loser really. (even though, I'm the loser)

But haha, God knows what He's doing. He's had a lot of practice, ya know. And He may not be done yet! Maybe they will have a recount and find some voting fraud or something.

But it was a fun party anyways! While in the gaming area of Fast Lane, there was this dude who was completely ridiculous at Dance Dance Revolution! He was moving crazy fast!

But you know what I said? "Come on, dude. Kick it up a notch! Is this thing running a bit slow or something?" Haha, I kept giving this complete stranger a hard time about how "slow" he was going. Then, after I while, I hopped on the other side of the Dance pad and started dancing with him (even though the other side wasn't on)... and boy was that fun! And of course, everyone else thought it was funny when they saw that I wasn't actually dancing!

God bless Jim Holt and his family for attempting something for God's glory!!


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(dontcha just love how frank I was)


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So the other day, my Mom and I were passing out HOLT literature - getting people to volt holt... and we came here ---->

Yeah, not only was it a dead end, but it was a really freaky sign; the tree had actually grown over it.

So you've got a choice here, you can live your life for yourself (or even for a noble cause) but unless you are living your life for Christ... your life will come to a DEAD END. That'll be the end of you. But I want to be living for a bigger story! Something that, when I'm rotting in a box, is a part of something that God has been doing all along and will continue even when I'm gone!

Wanna know what it is?

Making "Christ Worshippers" of all peoples!

can you sum it up?

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So here's a big question for you! Can you sum up your life-goal in one sentence?

Here's mine:

To make God's name famous by following Jesus; representing Him in all I do, wherever I am; in the way he made me.

If you haven't done something like this already, I would totally recommend you do! Because if your goal is unclear to yourself, then you will be walking around in a fog your whole life! But if your purpose is clear in your mind, then you will always be in pursuit of it.

And feel free to steal my life-goal... you can even change it up a bit to personalize it.

Have a great Friday!

check out my tight blog award

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"A prolific blogger is one who is intellectually productive, keeping up an active blog with enjoyable content."
                                                                                       Thanks for the award Eldarwen!!
I award this to my current favorite blogger Karis, cause for some reason she makes me laugh.
And also to my boy Josh for giving him a hard time about his newest post.
But the award I really wanted to win was this one:

Or this one:
Or this one:
Or this one:
(Haha, not really)

Man, somebody needs to make a "manly blog award". I think I'll do that sometime. And get this... only guys can have it! CleVER.

Thank you Lynnette's followers! I'm glad you came by!

I drew Covey and Me

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Yep... that's me. She was really excited that I drew us together.

Huh... my right leg is longer than my left. Hmm. And my right arm is bigger than my left! Notice it?

Next time I'll draw it a bit more accurately... I'll draw my left arm just as big. :)

i wanna let you know...

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I posted this a long time ago... but I felt like it was time to bring it back.

there is no otha'
like Motha'
So treat her right

Campin' Pictures

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Well, it was a loong week for me! I went on vacation to a river out here in NW Arkansas... and that was awesome! Canoeing is so fun, and I've never done it before!

But I'm not showing pics from that trip yet. Here are some from the camp-out I went to this weekend;
just rollin' wit my dudes. (it was the church's "guy camping trip/4 mile hike" thing) (btw... all these photos were taken from my phone; sorry)

What huh? As special request from Beka; here's a pic of me holding a baby.
Man, I should've taken a picture of the other one! You see, this one I used for bait to catch Nessy... (the Loch Ness Moster). It took awhile... but I finally took her down. (the choke hold was the trick ;)

Check out Nathan's! We got up at 4:45 to fish. And It was cold. But hey, we had a lot of fun together. (btw... Nathan and I were both fishing in our Pajams; smooth)

This was the worst coffee I have ever had. And it was the best! It was like coffee-flavored-warm-water, but hey, when you're in the middle of nowhere and you're freezing your tush off... it doesn't matter. Good job with the coffee Clay!

Check out where Nathan, Clay, and I slept! Jealous? We called it the Bermuda Triangle of Camp. And it was tight.

(L to R: Clay, Kade, Luke, Nathan)

I'll put up some pics from the other trip later! Praise Jesus, and have a good Sunday!


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Well, today our family is taking a vacation to a river somewhere. And it's going to be a lot of fun!

Anyways, I'll try and get some pictures up.

That's the problem with me... I don't post pictures, and everyone loves pictures.

you'd better comment on this one

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Okay, so how come everytime I post about something serious, no one comments, huh? I guess you just cant take me seriously huh? Like, look at my last 3 posts! My comments went from 10 to 1 and then two 0's. Smooth.

Well, I never want to be boring you, so... here ya are.

Woah. (I know) Yeah, I don't put up pictures of me often... actually, I don't think I ever have. But you can see why.
I don't know why my eyes look like lasers in this picture... cool though!