How do you like my trumpet?

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He came from heaven to earth. Earth to the grave.
Grave to the sky. He waved a goodbye.
From the mount of olives They gazed in the sky.
Endowed with power so when their facing their trials, they would not cower. Not faint.
Not bow or about face.
Be His mouth piece even when under attack.
And do outreach cuz Jesus is coming back.

Yea, you see dat lightning flash, you hear that thunder roll
Cant wait till Christ is back. This song should comfort those.
Who walk the righteous path, who had a love for those. The saints in christ relax,

Yeah, when dat Trumpet blows. x8
Dear LORD I wonder when I'm gonna see you, but I cant wait and I pray that itll be soon!

-d.a. Truth & Trip Lee
"Trumpet Blow"

Christmas is comin'!

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its rising

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You guys remember that old, boring, organization Teens for Orphans?

Well check out what's happening!!!!!!

The orphanage is rising!!!

But don't just watch it... help out!! Give an orphanage this Christmas at!

Where would we be without Jesus?

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We would be LOST.

How to Strike a Match - Twice

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Hey peeps, If you could, please be praying that I could get a job at Chick fil a!!

middle-school physc

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Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, things are kinda crazy over here...

Yesterday we got to put on a little program for a middle school, and that was a bunch of fun! Nathan, our drummer bailed!! So I attempted to play in his stead (without practicing the songs beforehand)... and it wasn't bad. We also played dodge ball with giant marshmallows, and my brother got a nice shot on me. :(
Haha, we also had a fog machine that we flipped on when we did an acoustic Christmas set. Guess whos idea that was? Haha, it was so much fun with the kids!

hot cocoa?

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Wow, what a busy week!! I'm sure all of you are wiped too!
One special thing that we did last week was hand out hot chocolate to people waiting in line on Black Friday. And it was a ton of fun, even though it was cold!!

What'd you all do for Thanksgiving?? Anybody get a deal Friday??


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Here's 20 real things I'm thankful for:

My church!
Christain music! / Rap
High School Diplomas!
The ability to play music!
My family / extended family!
Big bibles! :)
Far away friends.
Facebook / email.
Puzzle Pirates.
My youth faith family at Faith Journey!!
Perspectives coming up next year!!
The ability to be fit... a lot of people don't have that.
Movies of all kinds!
Mountain Dew / Sprite / Vault / Any soda.
Sunny days.
Warm beds in which you don't get bit.
Forgiveness from God and others.

Hey, you should post 20 things too!!! Even if after Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ecuador 2010

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Thank you Hayden, Lexi, and Caroline, for posting on my blog!! You guys are amazing!

Man, the trip to Ecuador was crazy!!

After spending two days in the capitol gathering people and supplies, we loaded up the 40 foot canoe with all our baggage, medical/dental equipment, and ourselves. (Unfortunately, on the eight hour trip down the river, I sat next to two ladies who didn't give me much room... I had half a cheek on the miniature bench. That hurts.) After a long ride down we stopped at a community in the jungle. The highlights of that community was playing 3-man-volleyball with some of the guys in the community, going hunting with Pedro, gathering euka (a root we ate with every meal), and spending time with the kids in our class that Nathan and I put on with Sandro. Number of bites on my left leg at this time: 133.
[Pedro killed it; not me]

Then we traveled up river to our second village. The highlights of this community was... playing soccer with a bunch of guys there, and that 3-liter of Coke. Number of bites on my left leg at this time: 160.

Back up there river to our third community, the highlights there were: the house we were staying in, and fishing. Number of bites on my left leg at this time: Unknown.

Back up the river to our forth community. The highlights there were: playing with the kids and teaching them games, driving a stick-shift truck and a motorcycle, finding the lack of a table and then going out into the jungle to cut down a tree to make one, and pancakes. Number of bites on my left leg at this time: 270.

Worst part about the trip:

Choking down the grubs. I tried eat one to show appreciation and love to the people there, but unfortunately I gagged like four times and then threw it up. But at least I gave it my best shot, right? After thinking about it a bit, I figured that it wasn't my best shot, because my best would be having another one. And so, by God's grace, I choked down another one.... that stayed down.

Since you probably have some questions for me, I'll try and answer them in the next post!

Until the whole world hears,



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And it's good to be back!

More later.

Make Them Remember...

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Hey Ya'll, this is Caroline and Kade has asked me, along with some others, to post on his blog while he's in Ecudaor...that's really funny to me because until about 3 weeks ago, i hadn't posted on my own blog for 6 months...oh well...

Anyway, this is verse from Isaiah that i read recently and thought was really appropriate to missions and what kade and nathan are up to...

   And in that day you will say,
         "Give thanks to the LORD, call on His name
         Make known His deeds among the peoples;
         Make them remember that His name is exalted." 
   Praise the LORD in song, for He has done excellent things;
         Let this be known throughout the earth.

 Anyway, i think it's awesome how it says, "Make them remember..." because it says "make" everything we do will "make" them look to God and know that "He has done excellent things"!  We, as Christian's, should be living our lives in a way that makes it obvious we are different from the rest of the in all we do, we should "make His deeds known among the peoples"!!

Anyway, not 100% sure if i tied all my thoughts together there....but in closing, i'd just like to encourage you guys to continue praying for kade and nathan and all the others that are on the trip with them.  They're doing amazing things for the Lord!!

Philly's Sudden Opera at Macy's

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Hey everyone! Lexi here...again.

Since Kade is all about the random stuff in life and we all know he loves to share some cool videos on his blog, I decided to post this video someone emailed me today. Hope you enjoy it!

Prayers for Kade

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Hey guys! Lexi here.

Just wanted to remind you all to keep on praying for Kade while he is in Ecuador!! He is probably having the time of his life, but keep in mind that the enemy REALLY does not like what they are doing down there. So keep praying for safety, wisdom, and heath for Kade and all of the others that went with him!


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Hey peeps this is hilarious!!! For those of u who don't know who this is, it's Lecrae... he's a Christian rapper. :)

Hey.... where's Kade?

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Hey Everybody,

Kade and Nathan are gone!!!!!! :'(

The guys left for Ecuador this morning so if you could pray for them they would appreciate it. First of all pray they will be safe on the trip, and second of all pray they will be a light to the people of Ecuador.


Hayden from

ecuador PREP II

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Man, I am so excited about our trip!! Yesterday, we finished up a lot of what I needed to accomplish. Including getting 3 shots.

I leave early tomorrow! It's crazy.

So I'd love you guys to pray for me, because I really need it. I took a prayer walk this morning and these were my topics:

1. That this trip wouldn't be about me, but that I would be content and excited to "play the background".
2. Health/Safety
3. That I would be humble.
4. That I would be a shining light representing Christ in my life.
and I'll also add
5. That I would be gracious to my mother who out of love is helping me pack.

Also, I've got a surprise for you all!! I've got a few friends who I invited to post on my blog while I'm gone! They are all very cool people, so check back for some sweet posts!

Goodbye everyone, see you in a few weeks.

Ecuador PREP

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So... I've been busy!! (isn't everybody?) And it's definitely time for another post.

Well, for those of you who didn't remember...

I'm leaving for Ecuador on Thursday!!
Na- na- na- dda- dda! And I. am. stoked! And yes, of course I will be posting pictures!

But I'm really treasuring this time that I have... to learn juggling!! Na- na- na! And Spanish! And dentistry!!

Golly, I'm seriously dancing while typing this post, I'm so excited.

I prayed for Ecuador today and yesterday through Operation World!! And it was amazing!!

btw. Nathan's foot is doing much better, due to some amazing work that God decided to do with or without our prayers.

Be praying for me!!

And... last Saturday, we had The Most Epic Car Wash Ever!!
Check out my peeps! Don't they all look great!?
God blessed our work so much, and gave us $475 at the car wash for Teens for Orphans!! I'm so glad I've got all these awesome, godly friends!

To see some more of Hayley's pics from the car wash, go to her blog!

operation: world

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So at my friend's part we made tie-dye shirts, which was fun, because I've never had a tie-dye shirt before. I did my shirt a bit different, and it was looking pretty bad at first, but after some work with a Sharpe, it looks pretty cool!

It reads: "WE UNASHAMED". Based on Lecrae's song "Unashamed".

I'm pretty excited about this BAD BOY my Dad got me!!! Operation World!! You can pray for the whole world with details of population, geography, religion, etc. So I'm going to start praying for a people every day. Today I prayed for the Caribbean.

just to let you know...

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Also, I finished the GED with the highest score of 16 and 17-year-olds in NW Arkansas!

that's gotta hurt

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Hey, can you guys be praying for Nathan? Last night we had another soccer game (which we brutally lost) and he somehow tripped, twisted, and fell, on his foot. He's going to go into the doc at 11 a.m. today, but it looks bad.
                                                                                                   Look at that ankle; it isn't muscle.

update on ecuador

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So some of you wanted an update on my trip to Ecuador!! Although, I don't have much to say...

We're leaving on the 4th of next month, and it's a two-week trip involving lots of travel on plane, car, and canoe! It's a medical/dental trip, and Ill be helping out the guys doing it. I'm really excited to be visiting Christians and unbelievers alike in a different culture, and hyped that God allows this piece of trash to show His glory. I can only pray that He would USE. ME. UP. I'm supposed find out details very soon, but thanks so much for showing interest in my goings-on!! I appreciate it!

we are the...

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[L to R:] Me, Kyler, Kole, Kwinn
(btw. this is Nathan, the guy I'm going to Ecuador with)

And guess what!?! I scored!!! It was actually my first goal of the season... but... eah... I still scored!! I was playing center defense and the ball had a slight roll coming to me, and there was a bit of wind behind me, and so, at about half-field, I had at it. The ball when into the top left corner (which was just luck grace) and I was pumped!!

We won our last game 4 to 3, although we only had to tie to win. And... our only female player scored one of our points! (And of course, Kole scored the other 2).


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Alright... *sigh* I guess it's time for the...

10.22.10 RELEASE!!!!!!!!

So here it is.... Dunt dunt dunt dunt da!

Go to our site to check out what we are doing! ALSO, TfO's blog is now alive!! To keep informed with our updates, and hear some great thoughts from other teenagers, go here!

So what's the opportunity?
I INVITE you to join up with Teens for Orphans with your time, money, and prayers, in our endeavor to raise enough funds to build an ORPHANAGE! And I DARE you to host 1 fundraiser! SO THAT the whole world will see that your money and time ARE NOT YOUR TREASURE! Car washes, bake sales, garage sales, concerts, yes, you can do it!

So, if you want to get involved I want you to STOP what you're doing right now! Okay, now continue reading... and I want you to either email me from my profile page, or email us at teens4orphans[at]gmail[dot]com.

"We were too young to know it was impossible, so we did it anyway."

Mediocrity/Averageness and 10.22.10 RELEASE!

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Someone who lives in complacency because of: ignorance, a rejection of the truth, or a lack of motivation.

Every Christian should be a rebel unto averageness because of the knowledge we have and a motivation like no other in Christ Jesus. So why are we sucked into the mediocrity of living like Christians only on Sunday? Is that why Christ died? For us to live our Sundays as Christians?

So maybe you're like this person. Living a mediocre Christian life, and you know it.

So how can I help? First, watch this.

Man, isn't that powerful? The way that you going to get out of mediocrity is by treasuring CHRIST ABOVE ALL THINGS! And glorifying Him with your Time. Money. Food. Friends. Family. Education. Job/Success. EVERYTHING!

Now, I have an opportunity for YOU to stop living in mediocrity and to start treasuring Christ above everything, and I will release it this afternoon! Haha, just to let the excitement build! Oh, invite your mediocre and unmediocre friends over for it!!

coming to a site very near to you, very soon.

i guess this is a habit now...

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Maybe I am spiderman, who knows? Maybe I was bit by a big, ugly lookin' spider when I was a young 'un... you never know...

Haha, so yesterday, we went to this ropes course to climb, and it was pretty fun!!
Yes, I was freaking out. But it looked easy from this view...

I know I posted this before, but it explains a lot in my life, and it means a lot to me:
"...I fall and feel scorned when I cant get it together...

But then something clicked! It's crazy how I ignored this!
'Cause even when I slip, this ain't based on my performance!
Christ was eqquiped, ran the race with endurance,
and when His flesh was hit, His righteousness was my assurance, Yeah!

I know dem chains had me trapped for a while,
It's in my past, I'm relaxed in him now,
Christ my savior, he cracked through the clouds,
Did it perfect, listen to the claps from the crowd!"

-Trip Lee "Show's Over"


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God, please forgive me for all the times I push you out of the way. Please let me be content in the amazing role of background.

Please watch this and tell me what you think.

God's really been changing my heart lately, and this song made a big impact on me. Often, I just need stop being the rock star, comedian, Mr. Oh-so-important, or Mr. So-important-I-don't-have-to-do-these-lowly-things, and start being the servant I've been called to be, and "play in the background like I'm an instrument".

pretty much my favorite place in the world is...

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My church at Faith Journey!!
I was just sitting on the stage yesterday and thought this. :)

Sunday Recap: Spiderman

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So the other day, Kaleb (11) and I decided to climb this playground thing all the way through without touching ground. It was really fun! Although the first time I tried; I failed. And Kaleb laughed in my face when he completed it. Twerp.

I also joined the club with the little ones. The clubhouse was awesome!

But toon in later to find out what my favorite place in the world is!!

craft fairs and perspectives!

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So yesterday, we went to a craft fair, and it was actually really cool! I got this necklace:

And these glasses:

I don't know how this happened, but it's kinda cool.

And I also got a fire-starter-thing, which is really cool...

Also, I had a Perspectives meeting last night, and I am getting totally excited about Perspective coming next year!!!!! Our class is going to be the best! Each and every one of you need to TAKE PERSPECTIVES! It was an amazing course that change my life radically by showing me God's heart for me and the nations.
If you live near Rogers, and you are interested in our class, shoot me an email or something. Also, we've got a $50 off deal for early registration... you can't beat that.

news from last week

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Sorry for not posting in a while! Moral of the story: obey your parents. Don't get grounded.


Soccer was a lot of fun! We still lost, by I gave my best! And I also discovered something: I'm not very good at soccer. But I play hard, run a ton, and am very "aggressive", (that's a good word to use) and it makes up for my lack of skill. Yes, I am still representing Christ on the field, and I never go for the body. But if they body gets in the way, that's another thing...
                                                                               [now, this is a very fearsome, aggressive picture. got it?]

No doubt those TOASTER STRUDELS had something positive to do with my game.


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The Sissy Hold.
The Man Clutch.

The Assassin Grip.

The Barbarian Clasp.

life update

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Well, you know how I was going to the adult educashion senter a while back? Well, I've been taking tests and stuff and next week on Thursday, I will finish everything for my GED! That's pretty exciting. And I did better on the tests than I thought I would.

So, "What are you going to do after high school?"

Well guess what!?! You're going to have to wait to find out!

(Cause I don't even know yet...)

Some of the youth got to lead worship Sunday, and it was great! I'm so glad to have all these awesome, talented, teenagers in my faith family! If any of you are in NW Arkansas sometime on a Sunday, come to Faith Journey!

Yes, I know, the quality... maybe I'll get a new phone sometime with some more mega pixels.