working hard

Posted: Jun 28, 2010 by Kade in

So I've been working a LOT lately... and not just digging wells. Because now I am saving up for IBCD's next class on BASIC DENTAL CARE!!! (for Christian Community Development) So I've been working my tail off to get the money I need.

Today, when I was out working on some beds in the front yard Clarity came out and asked me if I wanted some help. But the cute thing was that she came out wearing a cowboy hat just like me.

And look what I found in the beds:

When I showed it to mom, she mentioned that it was an oak tree, but I replied, "No, it's an acorn tree!"

who are we?

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click on it, and awesome will just get bigger.

hot stuff

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Here's me and my well-digging teacher... and Mrs. Amanda's 50 cent mustaches.

well-digging pictures

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Well, I am having an absolutely awesome time!! There is so much to tell... but so little time.
Here are the top three best things about IBCD:
1. The people. All these guys rock out here! I love them all, and I've only known them for a few days! From the time I walked into the building, I was loved from the start; Mrs. Kim came up to me with a big smile and started patting my cheeks. That's right. And of course, when I told everybody I was only 15, everyone started babying me. Haha. They thought I was like 25. And boy are we a diverse city! From South Korea, Honduras, Mexico, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky... Team Awesome is back, back to back.
2. The well digging. I can hardly believe that this is something that I can do! It's a ton of work, and we are drenched in mud and sweat everyday, but it is worth it for the impact we will make!
3. The food. These Korean ladies know how to cook!! They make a ton of it too!! I can't say enough.
So, the moral of the story is:
I really need to marry a Korean girl.
Haha, Love to all!

I'm off

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Well, I'm off to JBU today! I've been very busy last week trying to finish getting the money I need... actually, I just got the rest of it yesterday afternoon.

Thank you for your prayers! It was tough, but God was the one who got me the money!

At the beginning of last week I needed $220 still. But with the help of my brothers (and sisters) and Nathan, we washed a bunch of cars and got it all!

I will be gone all week studying how to dig shallow wells.

Oh, and I'm packing a camera so I'll be posting some pictures up soon.

spending my time with Paolini

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Have you guys ever read the Inheritance books by Christopher Paolini? Boy are they good! I'm reading them through for like the 3rd time, and I love them!

They've been taking up a lot of my time lately, which is probably not so good. I'd much rather be involved in something other than having the idenity of a "couch potato", but right now, I just really need to finish Brisinger. You know?

However, this week I am going to be pretty busy trying to make some mu-la for you know what. I think I may have a garage sale this weekend to make up the money. Please pray for me.

Mr. John

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Mr. John passed away yesterday during an operation on his heart. We knew him pretty well; he was a terrific guy! We visited him in the hospital on Tuesday... and he was just as cheery as always.

He was a retired pastor from California, and yet... he was still going strong for the Lord; he didn't retire from nuttin'! The day we visited him in the hospital, he was telling the nurse about Jesus! And he also asked for another Teens for Orphans wristband and said, "If anyone asks be about it, I can tell him about Jesus!".

Talk about going hard for the Lord... he was one of my boys.

I want to be just like him: my last lap, my last breath, I want to be proclaiming Jesus all the way.

new knife

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Check out my brand new knife
(spring assisted, btw.)

Watch out all muggers trying to mug me, you might get mugged.

Thanks for you prayers! I think things went well at Chick-fil-a yesterday. And although it doesn't look like they have any openings right now, they may at the end of summer.

However, I need lots of money right now for the class at JBU. Anybody have any ideas?

Oh and by the way, if you want to send me that $20 I will gladly enter you to win a signed can of Mountain Dew!!

eat mor chikin

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Well, you can pray for me today because I'm going into Chick-fil-a to fill out a job application!!

Doesn't everybody love Chick-fil-a?


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By the way, that last post (just in case you were wondering) was a complete joke. :)

You see, I finally found out how people get all of their followers! The have GIVEAWAYS! So I decided it was time for me to have one!


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Alright, you really want to win this prize of $500 value!! O man, at least a $500 value!

Ice cold, fresh, wet, pure, shiny, colorful, smooth, tall, can of Mountain Dew signed by Kade.

I know, it's crazy! I can't believe I'm giving this thing away either! This should be put in a museum!! But no, I'm giving you this chance to win it!

Now here's what you have to do to enter:
1. Post this picture on your sidebar and link it to me.
2. Get onto 10 blogs and tell the authors "Kade is awesome".
3. Do a post about me and say 20 nice things about me.
4. Send me $10 so I can take this class at JBU.
4. Send me $20 so I can take this class at JBU.

1. No murdering other bloggers who are trying to get this can. That's a big 'no, no'.
2. No sending me counterfeit money.
3. The twenty nice things you say about me cannot all be about my looks... balance them out.
4. No committing suicide if you don't win this.

Don't miss out on this great chance to win this highly valued prize you will find nowhere else!
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So, I was watching this terrific movie last night called "The Bridge on the Kwai River".

Location: Japanese labor camp on an island where escape is near impossible.

The Mission: To build a bridge on the Kwai River.

As the story starts, you see the Colonial and his men marching through the camp; whistling. You see, throughout the movie, they refuse to be "prisoners"; they are still soldiers. They refuse to take orders from the Japanese, only when the British commander repeats the command, do they listen. Yeah... tight.

Here's my two favorite parts in the movie (so far, I haven't finished it yet).
The Japanese are not playing by the rules of war (the Geneva treaties) and the British officers refuse to comply. So the officers are standing out in the open in the camp as a truck rolls into the camp and stops in front of them. They stand tall. The back of the truck falls open revealing a fifty pound revolving gatling gun. They stand tall. The Japanese Colonial (Staito) gives them a last chance to comply. They stand tall.

You'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

My other favorite part is when they drag the British Commander out of "the oven". He can barely see, barely stand, barely breathe... but when he sees all of his men saluting him, he stands tall and with all he has in him; walks all the way to Colonial Staito's quaters.

Shallow Well Digging

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Can you image the impact you could make if you knew how to drill inexpensive wells, anywhere? There's 1 billion people in the world today who do not have clean water to drink. And there's 2 billion people who haven't heard the name of Jesus. What if you could do both at the same time?

This month, I really want to take this class at John Brown University on "Shallow Well Digging", and it's going to be awesome!!

Although, I need $1,000. Any of you have some extra money laying around?

Yeah, I didn't think so... but if you do want to help provide this training for me so that we can make an impact for Christ together... shoot me an email! (it's on my profile) This would be a really awesome opportunity for you to be used by God!

Really awesome.