amazing wallpapers

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So I found these amazing wallpapers from, and thought they were just too good not to share!

I have this one as my background right now ^

Note: Be sure to click on the picture before you save it down.

Show's Over

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This is one of my favorite songs.
I can’t perform no more
Can’t do these chores no more
I’m feelin like I’m sick
It’s silly so I quit
That’s it, I just can’t try to please the Lord no more
Cause really I’m sick of tryna make Him like me more, you feel me?
They told me homie, you Christian life is better
But they said to be holy and perform for his pleasure
But now I’m feeling torn cause the Lord is my treasure
But I fall and feel scorned when I can’t get it together

But then something clicked, it’s crazy I ignored this
But even when I slip, this ain’t based on my performance
Christ was equipped, ran the race with endurance,
And when his flesh was hit His righteousness was my assurance

I know them days had me trapped for a while
It’s in my past I’ve relaxed in Him now
Christ is my Savior he cracked through the clouds
Did it perfect, listen to the claps from the crowd

-Trip Lee "Show's Over"

sorry about that

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I'm so sorry about not answering your questions Rachel and Bleah! I totally forgot... every time I posted.

So one question was:
What happened to Life Savior? -Rachel
"Life Savior" was an old blog I used to post on with a few friends. Well, it's kinda obvious what happened about to it Rachel! The other dudes stopped posting; I didn't. So, I started this blog. I haven't posted on "Life Savior" since, because there's no one who gets on there, and most bloggers who used to follow me on that blog, now follow me here.

And the other question was this:
Who in the Bible do you most see yourself like now? And who do you aspire to be? -Bleah

Man, that's a tough question! I guess I'm most like the devil aspiring to be like Jesus. ;)

Sorry if you didn't see the pictures in the last post. I will try again.


sausage and a wintry mix

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So tonight we went out shopping, and (big brother) Kole told Kwinn and I to go get some Jimmy Dean sausage. We did.

Haha, it was great when we came back with our arms piled with packages. We were just messing with him...

Man, it was actually cold today!!! And it was terrific! I even got to wear the hoody Nathan gave me!

we are SPARTANS!

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We had a great game! We lost, but we all played very well.

I played most of the game at defense and had a bunch of fun! And Kole (far left) actually scored 4, which is totally tight! Kyler (left) did a stellar job, and was very aggressive. And Kwinny-Pooh (right) had a few assists with Kole. I was thrilled to be playing! It felt really weird standing on the field as a player though... I haven't done that in a long time.

I must say, one of my favorite parts in playing, is just being a team, pursuing one thing. And it's great when we all circle up and yell SPARTANS! at the tops of our manly, gruff voices.

ALL NEW "Lecrae of the Day"

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So I'm going to try and be a bit more organized with my blogging. So I'm going to start some new things like: book/movie reviews, quotes of the day stuff, maybe music Mondays or something, etc.

But today I'm bringing to you "Lecrae of the Day" which actually doesn't mean that I will post Lecrae lyrics specifically, but a lyrics from a Christian Rap artist. Except "christian rap artist of the day" doesn't rhyme. "Lecrae of the day" does.

So these lyrics are from Trip Lee's song "Prognosis":

I was told that God's standard is so high...
and my broken heart kept me from meeting His standard.
So I just kept falling short over and over and over again.
There was really nothing I could do.
It was not looking good for me.
I guess my question for you is...
Since God's standard is perfection... and none of us meet it...
How do you plan on getting by?
I know how I do, and to be honest; I ain't worried about a thing.

adult educashion senter

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Wel, im going to b fenishing hi skool soon. 2day I'm going to the adult educashion senter to take the asesment test 4 my GED. Im glad my pearents tuaght me so well to reed and rite and stuf. And I'm also hapy to b done wiht hi-skool and stuf so i can phocus on other things. Lord wiling im also goeng 2 b geting a job soon so i can mak som mony for mishions traning.

So pleeze pray 4 me, the test shood b prety easy, but it woodnt hurt to pray!

icons and carousels

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So this is really weird, I was kinda fooling around, and I got this 'easy button' icon stuck on my top right hand corner of my screen! And I can't get it off!

This is my full background. It's a lot of words, I know.

btw. I just figured this out and thought it was really cool: The horse on the outside of the carosel goes faster than the one on the inside, because it covers more distance in a shorter about of time. So next time, bet your friend $10 that your horse is faster...

injured reserve

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So today was the Spartans' first soccer game! It was pretty awesome!

Although this guy
was on the injured list and didn't play

And how did this happen? Last night we were playing ultimate frisbee after "the Blazing Center" study, and well... it was dark and I wasn't paying attention too much. And my friend threw me a pass... which I fumbled to try and get, and then dove out for it! And didn't see the concrete. Thankfully, I landed on the grass and then rolled onto the concrete. I rolled on the concrete 8 feet. Eight feet! And I only ended up with a cut arm. So, what happened to the foot then? After the 8 feet of rolling, I slammed into a parked car.

Yeah, you should have seen the car... :)

Last night I wasn't really on my game anyways... I accidentally took someone else's cup of soda and drank it right in front of them. And later I walked into a wall. A wall. All I can say is God was amazing and didn't let me get hurt too bad! 'Cause I really should have been hurt worse.

btw. We lost the soccer game. We were up by 1 at half, but afterwards... well, we lost. :)

about me

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1. LONG comments.
2. The smell of asphalt when the rain just starts to fall.
3. lowercase titles.
4. Chocolate chip pancakes.
5. Video games.
6. Ultimate Frisbee!!!
7. Cultures.
8. Water/swimming!
9. T-shirts, athletic shorts, and sandals.
10. Playing music.
11. Jesus music. (Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Ambassador)
12. Money!!
13. Movies of all kinds!
14. Emails/texts/comments!!
15. You!!

Some things I love:
1. Jesus!!
2. Missions!!
3. Family!!
4. Friends!!
5. Church!!

Haha, this was fun! Sorry about being so "spiritual" on the things I love, but it's true. :) Hey, If you have any questions for me, I'll answer them in the next post! Just no stupid "anonymous" questions.

btw. To see some more pictures of Cali, go here.

welcome to the world Cali

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Calvery Joy W.
Sept. 16
10.3 pounds

I'll post some better pictures later, but this is all I have now.

boyz in the kitchen

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*Kyler is sizzling bacon when I walk into the kitchen and He kinda shoves me*
Kade: "God's going to smite you for that."
Kade: "Probably through grease."
*Grease splatters from the pan of bacon onto Kyler's arm*
Kyler: "Ouch!... man..".
*5 min. later*
Kyler: "Ouw! dude."
*ten min. later*
Kyler: "Man, can you take this curse away!?"
Kade: "Oh I forgive you, but God may want to discipline you some more. :)"
*5 min. later when I'm making eggs near the bacon*
*the bacon pops sending hot grease onto my neck*
Kade: "Ouw! Man!" *washing it off* "Gosh, that hurt..."

*Kwinn's making pancakes and I swipe half*
Kwinn: "Kade, you just took half a pancake!!!"
Kade: "I can fix that." *As I take the other half*

Well for a long while now Kyler has been wanting me to feature his blog, and I plan to do just that, so ya'll go and follow Kwinn and Kyler's AMAZING, AWESOME, BLOG!!!! WITH GODLY AMAZING LYRICS FROM A WIDE VARIETY OF GREAT CHRISTIAN ARTISTS! THESE GUYS AREN'T MESSING AROUND. FUN. ENTERTAINING. SPIRITUAL. MUSICAL. STELLAR. ALL IN ONE BLOG!

Okay, sorry for the long post, but many of you are wondering how many siblings I have, because I keep introducing a new one in every post! So, just so you know I have 7 siblings, and another one due today! So that's almost eight. Just thought I'd clear that up.

I've got something totally exciting to tell you!

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Lord willing, I'm going to Ecuador in November!!!!!! We're going to an Indain tribe really far out. And it's a good canoe trip to get there. I'm totally pumped! And I also want to see if I can do some dentistry.

And my bruh Nathan may be coming along also. And if he is coming, it's just going to be even more awesome!!

To possibly be able to show these people the love of Christ is a task I am totally unworthy of, but that is my calling, and Christ has allowed me to be His ambassador!

And boy am I excited!

wanna be a rebel? read your bible

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Man guys, reading your Bible and praying is key to growing in Christ! If you're not on top of it, making an effort to be in Christ everyday, than you just won't. I mean, it's hard. Let's just face it: not all of you are as spiritual as I am, okay...
(haha... just kidding)
But just recently I've got into the habit of reading my Bible everyday, and it has been so great for me! So if you're struggling with it, or you don't know what to read... shoot me an email! You can even study alongside me... I'm just starting this new thing with some friends that's hopefully going to be pretty cool. (My email is on my profile page [so click on my face and it'll take you there.])

btw. I also posted the theme song of the day: "Rebel Intro" on the side.

Meet Kaleb

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(This is him)
So today, Kaleb (11) was telling us about how he saw a planet through a microscope.
Kade: "Kaleb, I can promise you didn't see a planet through the microscope." :)

Isaiah 66
Thus says the LORD:
"Heaven is my throne,
and the earth is my footstool;
what is the house that you would build for me,
and what is the place of my rest?
All these things my hand has made,
and so all these things came to be,
declares the LORD.

But this is the one to whom I will look:
he who is humble and contrite in spirit
and trembles at my word.

the rap faceoff

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*Notice 1#: If you haven't played Super Smash Bros. you may not understand this. Notice 2# When I do play SSB, I am useually "Fox", and in this poem, I am referred to as him.

So on facebook, Nathan dedicated a poem about me and him playing Super Smash Bros:

"Nathan H dedicated to Kade:"

I play the game upon my chair,
Suspense and bombs fill the air.
The situation was grim but old,
... Link had Fox in a grappling hold.
Sweat perspiring upon his brow,
He anticipated the coming Ka Pow!
All I did was but a tap,
And poor old fox flew off the map.

Haha! Isn't this great!? Even though he was dissing me, I thought this was hiliarious and I was laughing the whole time. And then I decided to have a face off, so I replied with this:

but jumpin back i evade tha attack
ya boy came back to slam ya back
oh no you didint... you start to turn
but you miss me as the fox jumps up and burns ya turn
you try to take a step but you're stopped by the back flip
...that blows ya down and makes you a buch ticked
knowining that you were licked,
you "tactically retreated"
(thinking you would be beated) to a higher seatin'
and thinking quickly you let off an arrow
which hit not me but the big brown barroll

come on, is that all ya got!?
you missed me by a long shot!
my grandma can fight better than you!
she'd chew you with her kung fu
and spit you out wit nuttin but bamboo!

but then like a beast you jump from the platform
to perform some moves that blew like a storm

and seeing my defeat in the rolla
I stood up and smacked you wit my remote controlla

Just as a shout out to Nathan, I love you man, you encourage me in Lord pretty much everyday, 'cause we call eachother everyday and talk about what we learned in His word. And you also pray for me all the time. And even though you're younger than I am, I look up to you and hope to become like you someday! I also have to admit to all of you... most of the time when Nathan and I face off; he wins. Racing, soccer, nerf wars, etc. (Although paintballing and airsofting we are about the same). To visit or follow Nathan, go here.

consequences and covey

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So Saturday, at the party we were playing capture the flag, and I decided to run to the opposing teams' flag, and well... I wasn't going to make it. Kole got there right before me. And so I slid right under him, and MADE IT!! His arm went right over me!

But don't you hate consequences?

I also have one higher up, but uh... that wouldn't be very appropriate.

So covey (3) comes to me today and says:
"Kade, you want to see my owie?"
Kade: "Yeah"
*Covey sticks her knee forward to points to a scratch on the side.*
Kade: "You want to see my owie?"
*She nods*
*Kade whips his leg onto the couch showing her*
Covey: "You need to watch where you going."


party on, all the time

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I just had a great party with all my peeps! I had a great time. Everyone else did, and I am just so happy to be some people my age who are mature, God-centered, and AWESOME and who encourage me in the Lord!

Sing to the LORD a new song,
his praise from the END OF THE EARTH,
you who go down to the sea, and all that fills it,
the coastlands and their inhabitants.
Let the desert and its cities lift up their voice,
the villages that Kedar inhabits;
let the habitants of Sela SING FOR JOY,
Let them give glory to the LORD,
Isaiah 42:10-12

meet Clarity

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Man, I really love this "quotes of the day" thing, what do yoou guys think? Maybe I'll just attach one at the end of my regular posts or something...

So Clarity (5) was staring at the blower, and then said:

"This kills rabbits and turtles?":
Uh... no.

So we are getting ready for a party tomorrow, and Chloe says,
"Tomorrow is going to be the best party ever!"
Kade: "Yeah!"
Chloe: "Rock on! You can't touch me!"

What?.... Where'd she get that from? Remember, she is 7.


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  (Kyler, you got your dang finger in the way!!!)    :)
(Both of 'em too!)

So today, we went off-road biking, and it was completely awesome!!! I didn't even know this track existed! I was so much fun, although... I'm not the best biker in the world... I fell at least 4 times, got like 7 (small) cuts, and all on training wheels! But it was still so much fun!

That was one of the spills caught on cam. It was after a jump thing, and I just ran off the track.

Now this, this was something outta this world! There was this vine-thing on the side of the track, and so I decided to head straight for it... and I grabbed on, and swung off. It was 'narly!

btw. I was just kidding about the training wheels part. :) I got off those things a long time ago! At least six weeks...

quote of the day

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Kaleb (11) comes and sets his Karate board signed by his teacher on the table. On it, Chloe (7) wrote "I love you Kaleb" in pencil.

Kaleb: "Chloe, I didn't say you could write on here!"
Kade: "What does it say?"
Kaleb: "I love you Kuleb."
Kade: "Naw man, that's an 'a'."
Chloe: "Why don't you erase it?"
Kaleb: "I can't!"
Kade: "She just wanted to tell you that she loved you..."
Kaleb: "Well, she could've just told me."
Chole: "But that isn't very romantic."

And she is seven.