it's time to start...

Posted: Mar 27, 2010 by Kade in


Teens for Orphans is hosting the FDC Promo Video Contest! Make your own video and enter it!

Go here, and click on "the contest" page to participate in TfO's Promo Video Contest!

Hey, making a video is a lot of fun; you should really do it! Make one with your family, friends, or enemies, it's even more fun!

Hey ya'll, sorry I've been out... I was grounded, what can ya do...


  1. Ok, so I've talked to my enemies, and we want to enter. Not positive yet if we will, but we have a good video idea... it'd be the bomb!
    It's just a time thing, but we most likely will.

    Ok, so you know the last blog post I did. Well, I didn't mean to post it, and I relized I had, so I went and deleted the whole thing. (didn't mean to) Anyway, I'm tellin' ya this just incase you noticed that your comment was on my newer blog post. Just lettin' ya know. haha

  1. Madison says:

    Sounds AWESOME!!!!!!