Teens for Orphans International (da talks)

Posted: Feb 13, 2010 by Kade in Labels:

Indigo: Oh, I've heard about that site!

Sinbad: I've been to it.

Indigo: Really? Was it cool?

Sinbad: Yeah. It was okay.

Indigo: What's it all about?

Sinbad: It's about orphans.

Indigo: Wow, sounds cool! What else?

Sinbad: Well, it's about teenagers too. And they're going International. And that's the really cool thing about it that they're going International, not just staying in their homes you know?

Indigo: Wow, that is so cool! It's about teens, orphans, and going international! That's so cool how it all works out! Wow Sinbad, it seems like you know everything about this thing!

Sinbad: Just about.

Indigo: So who runs this thing?

Kade: I do.

Nathan: No, so do I!

Kade: Alright, we have a team that runs everything. 

Indigo: Woah that was so cool, you guys just poofed out from no where!

Nathan: Yeah, we can do that.

Kade: Only because I let you, Nathan!

Indigo: Sinbad was just telling me about your organization!

Sinbad: Well... I... umm...

Nathan: Really?

Indigo: Yeah, and he said that you guys are about teens, orphans, and you're going international.

Nathan: Thats exactly right!

This episode was sponsored by Teens for Orphans International.


  1. Chloƫ says:


    I'm glad TFO is doing well enough to sponsor an episode. =P haha