second episode of da talks

Posted: Feb 10, 2010 by Kade in Labels:

Sinbad: What? I'm in an "episode"? That's awesome! A show about me!

Indigo: No, it's not about you, doof. It's about me. 

Sinbad: Oh shut-up, it's...

Chaplin: Don't use that word! There are children reading this!

Sinbad: Oh, sorry... wait, there are children reading this? Are there lots of people reading? Like how many? 

Chaplin: Well, not very many. Kade only has 39 followers, what a pity. 

Sinbad: Yeah... what a bummer! 

Indigo: So what is this "da talks" thing all about? Is it about the three of us?

Chaplin: Well, some episodes will be about the three of us. But there will be guest characters from time-to-time...

King Kong: (in a deep voice) Like me.

Chaplin: Like him.

Indigo: Woah, we get to have giant gorrillas on our show?

Chaplin: From time-to-time, like I said. But you see, now he's gone. And sometimes, I might not be a part of one episode. And neither may you, Indigo, or you Sinbad. It all depends on how Kade feels at the time. 

Sinbad: What!?! I may not be in the story!?! 

Chaplin: Well, you'll be in the story, you already are, but you may not be in an episode.

Sinbad: What!?! This is an outrage! I demand my money back, Kade is a fake!

Chaplin: What money? 

Sinbad: Forget it.


  1. Hey, great to hear from you again! I too was off from blogging the better part of last year, but I've been more consistent the last couple months. It looks like you really are going strong here. Keep it up!

    And no, I didn't forget about you guys. Nick mentioned this week that you had your own thing going now. And it's a blessing to see that you're getting out there and giving God your all.

    God bless you!

  1. jd.ictfc says:

    the character of Sinbad is very much what I"m like far too often... a lot of the time I want to be the centre of things. looks like this series of Blogs will be good...