a double feature

Posted: Feb 16, 2010 by Kade in Labels:

Indigo: What's a feature?

Sinbad: It's where Kade recomends people to other cool blogs.

Indigo: What's a double feature?

Sinbad: Are you serious?


Sinbad: (with a sigh) It's where Kade features two people in one post.

Indigo: Very cool. So who are the people he's featuring in this post?

Sinbad: I don't know yet.

Indigo: Well let's ask somebody! Who do you think we should ask?

Sinbad: Oh, I don't know.

Indigo: It would have to be someone who knows a lot! How about Aristotle?

Sinbad: No way! He drives me crazy, besides, no one reading this wants to hear from Aristotle, it would have to be someone popular and cool.

Indigo: How about John Wayne?

Sinbad: No! Don't even mention his name! Do you know what he could do to you just by looking at you!?! Okay, let's just calm down and ask Jack Sparrow.

Indigo: Yeah!

(five minutes pass)

Jack: Hi me lads. What can 'e do fer ya?

Sinbad: Well, you can stop talking like that.

Jack: Alright, sorry.

Indigo: We want to know who Kade is featuring in this post.

Jack: Do you just want their names, or do you want me to tell you the story?

Indigo: The story! The story!

Jack: Alright then. On one cold, dark night, the moon was a'howlin over me eyes...

Sinbad: You're doing it again.

Jack: Sorry. So... On one cold, dark, night the moon was howling over my eyes...

Chaplin: Is this a scary story? There are children reading this you know.

Jack: No minister, it's not scary at all!

Chaplin: Okay, just making sure.

Jack: So, on one cold, dark night, the moon was howling over my eyes...

Sinbad: How long is this going to take?

Jack: I'm trying to get to it! On one cold, dark night, the moon was howling over my eyes...

Indigo: You already said that part.

Jack: Let me go on, please!!

Indigo: Okay, sorry.


Sinbad: Maybe you should just give us the names, and not the story.


Jack: Fine. They are Nathan and Luke. Goodbye.

Indigo: What is heatin' him?

So anyways, it took some time but I'm finally going to feature them. Luke and Nathan are my best friends; they're mature teenagers striving after God's heart. What more do you need to say? Check out their blogs as they tell you what God is doing in their lives.

God bless!


  1. Chloƫ says:

    Sinbad and Jack Sparrow. Now THAT would make an interesting movie! =)

    Congrats to Nathan and Luke for starting a blog! Was it you who convinced them to start one? =D

  1. Anonymous says:

    Captain, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow.