giving God your all (first episode of "da talks")

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Indigo: Huh? What did the title say? My all? This is an outrage! I thought God was just a really cool "add-on" to my life. I didn't know that I'm supposed to give God something!

Chaplin: Yeah Indigo, God does desire a lot from you. He is not just an "add-on" to you life. When you are saved, He is your life.

Sinbad da Salior: Well that's okay; I've got a lot to offer God... 

Chaplin: No Sinbad, the Bible says that all we can offer Him are "filthy rags"...

Indigo: Did you just dis him? 

Chaplin (in a stern voice): No, I'm just saying the truth.

Indigo: Okay. 

Chaplin: God doesn't save us for anything that we can offer Him. He saves us for the work that He will do in us.  

Indigo: Did you just dis him again?

Chaplin: Indigo!

Indigo: Sorry.

Chaplin: God desires praise from us... that is why we were put on this Earth...

Sinbad da Sailor: What?

Chaplin: That's another story...

Sinbad da Sailor: Oh.

Chaplin: Anyways, that's why God put us here, so that we could praise Him with our all!

Indigo: Everything?

Chaplin: Yep.

Indigo: How about a half?

Chaplin: Nope.

Indigo: Three-fourths? 

Chaplin: Indigo!

Hope you enjoyed the first Episode of "da Talks". I couldn't think of what to post about, so I just started writing, and this is what came out!

I also wan to post up these lryics. This is a terrific song, talking about praising God with our all, "even when" we don't feel like it.

Even When
Seven Places

This week, I prayed, one time
My phone. it rang. I put You on the other line
And now my thoughts they drift around
My knees remain unacquainted with the ground
Unless my faith is put to the test and I am forced to bow
Although I'm in this flesh it doesn't mean You shouldn't have the best

from me, from me

Even when my eyes are dry
even when my soul is tired
even when my hands are heavy, I will lift them up to You
It's not about how I feel, oh Lord I am here for You
I exist for you

I close my eyes but all I see
Is a background of black, bouncy squiggly lines
And this week's mistakes coming back to mind but
I will lift my voice and make a joyful sound
Forget about me, I only get me down
Although I cannot sing it doesn't mean I shouldn't sing to You, to You


You've given me Your life and have held mine together yet I find
Excuses to slouch in my pew
But when glory divine
Is sitting in my very presence, the least that I can do
Is give my all to You, give my all to You

You can listen to the song on the sid-bar.
God bless!


  1. Liberty says:

    hey I really like the 'da talks' . and i really like indigo.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Even when . . . I'm unpacking countless boxes. I'm thankful I have a box full of something. This "da talks" is so creative. Press on,
    Mrs. Alicia