im just gonna keep doing this

Posted: Jan 8, 2010 by Kade in

Alright, I'm going to tell you more about 'the organization', just 'cause you all said you would pray for me. Ready? What is

a lot of teens + a passion for missions =

I'll ad to the equation later, but that's just another teaser. whahahahaha, I know you're excited. But the excitement hasn't even begun yet! You'll just have to keep coming back to my blog! Wait till I release the address to the website, can you just imagine the fun!? WHAMO! BAM! KICHOW!

You'll see...

adios' amigos


  1. anna :) says:

    niiice...& yup, here i am again. thanks for the suspense :P

  1. Emii says:

    What you're doing sounds pretty cool... can't wait to hear more!:)


  1. Chloë says:

    Sounds like a powerful equation!

  1. Madison says:

    I'm shaking with excitment!

  1. Jenna says:

    Josh has shared your emails with me, and like he mentioned yesterday in his email...if you need me to help in any part of the ministry, I'm only an email or a comment away. It's going to be awesome!

    I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting - the feed was all messed up which I just discovered and fixed.

    Your sister in Christ,