homey's back from teen pack

Posted: Jan 29, 2010 by Kade in

Well, last night we got back from Teenpact. It was just about the coolest thing EVER. If you've never done it, I would look it up and seriously consider going to one!

I met about 60 really, really, cool people, and that was the best part about Teenpact (for me). On the way back home, Pastor Dave asked, "define cool?" We answered, "Awesome." Yeah, it's kind'a hard to explain, but the guys and girls there were definitely awesome!

Here's the favorite I met, you ready? Sammy, Joann, Abigael, Mary Beth, James, Jeremiah, Jeremiah, Nathan, Mitchell, Hannah, Rebecka, Ethan, Zach, Cade, Sara, Adrian, Will, David, David, Jonathon, Jonathon, Amanda, Kyle, Anna Kate, Valen, Nathaniel, John David, etc.

And here's the people I got to know better:
Nathan, Luke, Kole, Charles, John, Arther, Sara, Daniel, Drew, Johnny... and Kade.

So, how's the TfO website!?! I've got quite a few emails from the contact form on the site, and people seemed to be rather hyped about it. I'll tell you, I sure am hyped about it!

I'll be back! God bless you! And if anyone from Teenpact is reading this be sure and comment I would love to hear from you!

p.s. my mad-skills didn't go over to well. especially during basketball! the all-star-triplet-team put me in my place. but it was fun anyway. (the only thing worse than getting beat by three girls is being beat by one) (and that happened) (thrice).


  1. Hannah says:

    Good! I'm so glad you had fun! It's an awesome experience.

    For a while here it didn't look as if we had enough kids to have it in SD this year, but we only need two more and everyone's pretty sure we're going to have it! I'm so excited! :)

  1. Ryan says:
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  1. Ryan says:

    Glad you had a good time. Too bad about those mad-skills, though. Sorry to bring up a sensitive issue, but do I calculate correctly that you were beaten over-all four times by girls? How could you let such a thing happen? That has to hurt. Also saw the website and its good that people seem interested.

    God bless.

  1. shack girls says:

    hey i'm glad you had a good time :) we(the shackelford girls) are glad to see we made it on the list! it was great to meet you too! hope to see you at some alumni events :)

  1. Allison says:

    Hey, uhh, Kade, this is kind of random,,, but your random question (on your profile) doesn't make any sense:) My lil' brother and I have been puzzling over it and just can't figure it out!!! Care to explain??? hahaha...

    P.S. I'm still figuring out what it is that your doing here, but it looks pretty cool! I've tried to think of a million ways to help aborted babies, and so far nothing has worked out. I'm still thinking. Anyway, that is so cool that your trying to do something, because a lot of people don't like to look bad stuff in the face and try to help it- they just turn away and try to forget the problem.
    Oh boy, this is pretty long for a comment!:) ttyl, Alli
    Oh, and are you on the rebelution forum?