Posted: Oct 18, 2010 by Kade in

God, please forgive me for all the times I push you out of the way. Please let me be content in the amazing role of background.

Please watch this and tell me what you think.

God's really been changing my heart lately, and this song made a big impact on me. Often, I just need stop being the rock star, comedian, Mr. Oh-so-important, or Mr. So-important-I-don't-have-to-do-these-lowly-things, and start being the servant I've been called to be, and "play in the background like I'm an instrument".


  1. Lexi says:

    I like the lyrics to that song Kade! i too want to be the backround so people will see the real SuperStar!

    I also think its cool that he filmed it in Times Square (NYC) because all of the places he is singing in front of, I was right there! =)

  1. anna :) says:

    i'm with lexi:)

    and yeah, i know whatcha mean. i need to be a servant and step down off of the Christian pedestal and get rid of the "holier-than-thou" attitude. and just love on people like Jesus did.

    thanks for this. i needed a wake up call. and God just happened to use this post to wake me up.


  1. Kay says:

    I liked it a lot, that is how I need to be as a christian

  1. I really like it! The theme of that song is really something that is easy to fall into instead of trusting God and letting Him lead us.

  1. Mahina says:

    Thanks for posting this Kade! I love Lecrae and this song! :)