hot cocoa?

Posted: Nov 28, 2010 by Kade in

Wow, what a busy week!! I'm sure all of you are wiped too!
One special thing that we did last week was hand out hot chocolate to people waiting in line on Black Friday. And it was a ton of fun, even though it was cold!!

What'd you all do for Thanksgiving?? Anybody get a deal Friday??


  1. Man! I wish our youthgroup did stuff like this! We never do anything... good or helpful to the community! And no one wants to take me to do it on my own. Our youth group always just does events that are FUN. Needless to say I'm not highly involved in our youthgroup. :/

    Well I'm glad you had fun, and I hope your Thanksgiving was AWESOME!!!

    Much Love,

  1. Now that's sounds fun - sort of. :) Very sweet for sure.

    BTW, I like your 20 things your thankful for. Especially the church and family part. Those are two things many kids your age are not thankful for. Praise God he's given your appreciation for those blessings.

    It was fun stopping by.

  1. anna :) says:

    that's so cool! and reaching out is always way more fun with a youth group :) cocoa.

    our church is getting ready to hand out hand warmers at our local Christmas parade. we're calling it "warm hands for warm hearts".

    and no, i did not go shopping on black friday. i don't like it. yes, i am a girl. but when i think shopping, i think feet hurting :)

    anna :)

    P.S. sorry i wrote a novel. i tend to ramble :P