Mediocrity/Averageness and 10.22.10 RELEASE!

Posted: Oct 22, 2010 by Kade in


Someone who lives in complacency because of: ignorance, a rejection of the truth, or a lack of motivation.

Every Christian should be a rebel unto averageness because of the knowledge we have and a motivation like no other in Christ Jesus. So why are we sucked into the mediocrity of living like Christians only on Sunday? Is that why Christ died? For us to live our Sundays as Christians?

So maybe you're like this person. Living a mediocre Christian life, and you know it.

So how can I help? First, watch this.

Man, isn't that powerful? The way that you going to get out of mediocrity is by treasuring CHRIST ABOVE ALL THINGS! And glorifying Him with your Time. Money. Food. Friends. Family. Education. Job/Success. EVERYTHING!

Now, I have an opportunity for YOU to stop living in mediocrity and to start treasuring Christ above everything, and I will release it this afternoon! Haha, just to let the excitement build! Oh, invite your mediocre and unmediocre friends over for it!!

coming to a site very near to you, very soon.


  1. anna :) says:

    ok:) i'll invite shannon. but let me tell you, we're both wayyy better than mediocre...


  1. anna :) says:

    PS - i joined the teens for orphans facebook group the other month yeah. i've been meaning to say that for a longgg time.

    annnddd that's it.
    anna :)

  1. Lexi says:

    love this post Kade! Christians need to wake up and start living loud for our Savior and stop living it up only on Sundays.

    i'm excited...and kidna see this 10.22.10 release.

  1. Madison says:

    I am for sure in love with this video, Kade! Thanks for posting.