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Sweet, we have some really cool perspectives! Here's what you said:

I think the two main reasons that I personally would pick Hymns over rap is 1)it is more pleasing to listen to and 2) the connotation you get by listening to rap music is that you are listening to a song that is littered with bad language and other "bad stuff"... When I listen to rap, all I can really think about is guys doing gang signs, and doing things that aren't glorifying Him. -Christine

For me it depends on the words. There some Hymns that have words that are... just not good, or that don't make sense! And the same with rap, or any contemporary Christian song. It depends on the lyrics. Rap isn't my style haha. But this you already know! ;) -Madison

Either way, OUR GOD IS WORTHY! Never stop worshiping!!! -Marissa

For me it totally depends on the song and the words... -Hayley

Personally I've heard better rap lyrics than hymns, but vice versa too. Though I know I'd rather listen to rap than hymns. -Kyler

"Christ rebelled by shunnin' the culture. He eatin' with the sinners givin' Pharisees ulcers. Never got married He was broke plus homeless. yeah, that's the God i roll with. [Lecrae] " -Anna

Anywho, I think hymns vs. rap depends on the person: the rap might witness to some people, while hymns work better with others. So, I believe it just depends on the person. (: -Lily

'Christian Rap' is winning in the poll! Get your friends to vote for your side!


  1. anna :) says:

    haha, i guess i never really sided with anyone, instead i shared lyrics :) i'm with lily - hymns speak to some people, while rap speaks to others. i personally enjoy both, though, so it's a toughie on the poll...

  1. :) i agree with some of the below opinions. It really depends on the lyrics and what it's doing to you and your heart personally. Rap or hymns your end result should always be to glorify God. :)

    Thanks for doing this!


  1. Lexi says:

    Personally, I don't really like either hymns or christian rap...but I do know that both forms of music can bring lives closer to God because both meet different people at the place they are at. Does make you think though