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So immediately when i ask you... What do good christians listen to? What comes to your mind? Many of you will probably think hymns! Thats what i would think, because that's what the general opinion is and has been in conservative circles.

Now immediately when I ask you, what is bad music? Many of you will think rap, metal, or scream-o. Because, well, most of it is bad, and that's what the general opinion is in conservative circles, even though there is plenty of good Christian rap, etc. in our day and age.

But this is where we come to a problem. Why in conservative circles are hymns considered the most spiritual, and why do we encounter negativeness towards rap, etc.?

Well, my next post will be 'Hymns vs. Christian Rap'. And I will lay out some lyrics from both sides. Then the poll will begin, and we will officially lay this thing down! But hopefully when we are done and by setting aside our misconceptions, baggage, and 'hostility,' we can have and open mind for any music that glorifies God!


  1. Hannah says:

    Can't wait to vote!

  1. Well...
    I'm a conservative. My family... is really conservative. LOL. And I personally think that as a Christian we should try to stay somewhat modern and up to date in order to help our witness. If we're just all old fashioned in long skirts with long hair and no makeup and hymnals... people don't really want to be like us. But if we dress normal and listen to modern music, we fit in a little more and that allows us to reach out.

    I think that hymns are beautiful... I love them. But I also listen to Christian rap and Christian metal... I listen to Relient K and Hawk Nelson, Red, all that good stuff as well. But you know what? I also listen to mainstream music. I don't listen to songs that curse or talk about sex. But I do listen to mainstream music... and I don't think theres anything wrong with that .
    We're all convicted differently, and I don't feel like my Christian walk is being affected by that.

    So in the end... I think it's all about your heart. If your heart is in the right place, and it longs to just make God happy -- he knows that and will honor that. :)

    Can't wait for the next post!


  1. Lily says:

    I only listen to Christian radio, but my family does listen to 'mainstream' music from the 80's and 90's {weird, I know}. I don't think there is anything wrong with mainstream music, so long as it's upbeat and positive. However, I do think that Christian music keeps us focused on God, and all things holy.

    So yeah, this is a VERY interesting confersation. Can't wait for the poll~~

  1. anna :) says:

    i personally listen to mainly Christian music -- hymns and all. i listen to everything from chris tomlin to relient k to lecrae.

    but i also listen a few mainstream artists - taylor swift, justin bieber, and an occasional song on the radio. and like lily said, it has to positive and free of profanity, drugs, alcohol, etc. but lately i've been convicted of it getting in the way of my walk with God. it makes me sick to my stomach to think i'm a 'lukewarm' Christian because i listen to some secular music.

    hopefully you'll shed some light on the subject :)

  1. Madison says:
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