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Posted: Mar 11, 2011 by Kade in

CLIQUED!! [pronounced clicked]

So I've discovered this really important factor for the Christian. Its not new or anything, but it's just been really clear to me recently. It's the power of community, (or cliques). If we are going to be a generation that changes the world, we need to be unified! So we need to find churches, youth groups, organizations, etc. that are doing things that we are passionate about... and then jump on board with 110%.

1. Find a ministry that you are passionate about.
2. Donate a bunch of dollars if that's what they're about.
3. Find out what else you can do.
4. Contact them. And let them know who you are, what you can do, and that you're going to give 110%!

I don't care THAT much what you are passionate about, but I do want you to be giving 110%! So here are some organizations that may suit your passionate... you don't have to get cliqued with one of these organizations, but you do have to GET CLIQUED either way...

Teens for Orphans International
Run by teens. Ministry to Orphans. Project: Building an orphanage.

Hope to Others
Run by teens. Ministry to the poor/homeless. 

DO: Living Water
Run by teens. Providing clean water.

Faith Journey Fellowship
My faith family.

Open doors
Working with the persecuted church.

Mobilizing Christians to missions and God's heart for the world.

[My 2010 clique]

"Cliqued up forty deep. We all saved, all serious.
Cliqued up forty deep. Come on, holla at us if ya curious."


  1. Liberty says:

    that's cool and Biblical! Thanks for sharing Kade!
    love ya, mom