a prayer

Posted: Mar 16, 2011 by Kade in

Let’s pray-
Dear Father in the name, Of Your holy Son
I desire to be like Jesus, I pray for us to be one
I desire to give, I desire to serve
I desire to love others with more than my words
Bless me to be humble, bless me to be meek
I want to be a joy when people come around me
Give me a gentle spirit, bless me to be content
Please keep me from my sin, let me quickly repent
Please give me discipline, give me self control
To know when to stop, and when to say no
Make me a bold witness, please remove fear
Replace it with faith, pour out Your spirit here
Fill me up Lord, let me overflow
Let me overdose, make me holy, keep me close
I want to give it all, until there’s none left
But I can’t be 'too given'; look at Your Son’s death.

'Tonight' by Flame, echoed by me.


  1. Katie says:

    I saw Flame in concert last weekend- it was pretty cool. I'd never heard any of his music before, but I like it. :)

    ha. I love how hymns won.