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The thing about our culture is that they "dumb-down" many good ideas. Most of them are really crazy ideas. But does that mean we shouldn't entrust them to God?

For myself, I can tell you that I've had thousands of crazy ideas, and just for an ice-breaker, I'll tell you some really crazy ones:
1. I wanted to participate in an Iron Man... a marathon (like 26 miles) a swim (2.5 miles long) and a biking (125 miles long)... uh yeah...
2. I wanted to try kick-boxing. I mean, who doesn't right? That one didn't last long.
3. I wanted to start an organization called Teens for Orphans International.
4. I wanted to be an underwater welder. (Hey, it's a great idea... they make a lot of money!)
5. I wanted to run for President at Teenpact National Convention this year.

Okay, after I just made a fool of myself... let's move on!

God uses people who have an obnoctious vision for Him; and who are fool enough to carry it out.

So here's my question... Who here has had a crazy idea? Whether a spiritual one or not... I want to hear it! In fact, I want you to email me, so that I can help you with that crazy idea!

I don't want to see any of God's children demobilized, dumbed, or discouraged.

God gives you those crazy ideas for a reason guys! And that's how God gets glory people! I mean, if David was 10 feet tall, 500 pounds, ripped, and all decked out with weapons... where would the glory go to when he took out Goliath? It would go to him! But, David was like 15, 5' 6', 130 pounds, and he had a rock in a sling. Huh. Where did the glory go then when he knocked Goliath on his bum? It went straight to God guys!

God gets glory when ridiculously amazing things happen in His name.

And guess what? One of those things I mentioned above... I have actually carried out! I am an underwater welder now!!!! Naw... actually I started Teens for Orphans. Gotch'a.

So please, comment and tell me some of your ridiculous ideas!! Or email me If you are serious.

I want to see my generation doing ridiculously obnoxious things for Jesus!!


  1. Madison says:

    I would have never thought of that in like a MILLION years! I love this post!!!

  1. You'r awesome I love you'r post.(you listen to good music too)

  1. Rachel says:

    That was an AWESOME post. It is so inspiring to see a generation rising up to bring glory to the Lord's name. Alleluia!

    Blessings to you.

  1. Nice post! I had a crazy idea once. My idea was to raise 1 MILLION dollars for a Riding Therapy center I volunteer at! I didn't follow thru with it!
    In Christ,

  1. Josh says:

    What do you mean by "Obnoxious"?


  1. Kade says:

    Haha, funny story...

    On tuesday, I listened to an Indian speaker and he said "You need to have obnoxious visions for the Lord.

    I don't know if he knows what the word means, but I thought the way he used it was funny.

    I would just define it as "what other people would call crazy, or look down upon."