and the winner is...

Posted: Apr 6, 2010 by Kade in

John Wayne!!

and you're thinking, "wut, i though it was a tie?..." well, you're wrong. John Wayne always wins.


  1. Madison says:

    That is so not fair. Your a cheater!

  1. beka says:

    Psh, that's not fair. John Wayne? Eh.....

  1. Ummmmm... So sorry but Jimmy Stewart is ma man! I like John but Jimmy ROCKS!

  1. Hannah says:

    Hey Kade,

    Nope, you're not outlawed at all. In fact, I'd love it if we got MORE guys doing it.

    On Friday, I'll put a link thing up, and all you have to do is take the URL of your post and put it in, along with your title.'s a lot easier if you see it. You'll see. ;-)


  1. BK says:

    Wow, all comments from GIRLS on the JOHN WAYNE post! Hahaha that is great. BTW: I would have voted for Westley (Princess Bride) and I am SO glad you spelled his name with a T because an 18 year old guy owes be $5 over that...