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Kade W. (age 15), nominated by his father Bill W., Bentonville Sales Office, Nestlé Emerging Markets

While serving in orphanages in Myanmar (formerly Burma), Kade was so impacted by the need for additional orphanages that he began his own not-for-profit organization called Teens for Orphans (TfO) to raise funds to build an orphanage. Kade is truly a Drumstick Hero for helping needy children across the world and enlisting other teens in his community to serve a cause “bigger than themselves.”
So my Dad entered me into this contest Nestle was having, and I won!! I am now a drumstick hero. What does that mean?
Nestle is going to sponsor a party for me and 50 of my friends!
Well, I'm back from vacation to Dallas and Houston, and I had a great time!
And no, I did not wipe out.

But everyone else in my family did. :)


  1. The Coyles says:

    That's so great! Congratulations! From all the Coyles :)

  1. Eldarwen says:

    Awesome!! That'll be fun!! :D

    Random: I live an hour away from Dallas. Have no fear, I am not a Cowboys fan. :)

  1. Christine says:

    Congrats! (Can you fly me over there for the party? :D )

  1. Mr. T says:

    Congratulations Kade! That is great! And thanks to your dad for nominating you.

  1. Madison says:

    How cool! Have fun!

  1. Mia says:

    No way! That's so awesome! Congratulations!!!

  1. Erin says:

    That's awesome! congratulations! God is using you in awesome ways!

  1. carlotta says:

    that's wonderful! congrats :)

  1. Thats cool...
    so wait... Bleah is really behind, obviously.
    You were in Houston??? Where did you go in Houston?
    *ahem* I live in Houston, I mean really, how rude of you to step on my turf. *shakes head* I can't believe you.

    Wth Love and Blessings,
    Bleah Briann

  1. YAY KADE! you be so awesome! not only because you won, but because you went to Dallas! that's where i was born. so you're now a very cool person to me! haha