'S' stands for Shackelford

Posted: May 16, 2011 by Kade in

So an update!

The Uganda trip is just around the corner! I still need a lot of money and prayers, but I know God will come through. He always has! So far He's blessed me with around $1,875 which is near half of what I need!

Also- a lot of my friends are planning on going to Tennessee for Teenpact NC! I won't be going, but my heart is with them as I make some promo and posters for Abi!!

What's up with you? Any plans for summer?


  1. Eldarwen says:

    Hey there Kade. :) I will keep you in my prayers as you raise money to head off to Uganda, and I will also pray that the trip goes well. I wish I had the funds to help out, but I sure can pray! :)

    Haha cool signs. :)

  1. Chloë says:

    That's great Kade!!! God is so good. I know that He'll supply ALL of your needs!

    Hey, I'm going to National Convention this year! I'm so excited!!!

  1. Kade says:

    Naw... really?? That's awesome! We'll I'll tell all my friends to say hi for me!