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So, I was watching this terrific movie last night called "The Bridge on the Kwai River".

Location: Japanese labor camp on an island where escape is near impossible.

The Mission: To build a bridge on the Kwai River.

As the story starts, you see the Colonial and his men marching through the camp; whistling. You see, throughout the movie, they refuse to be "prisoners"; they are still soldiers. They refuse to take orders from the Japanese, only when the British commander repeats the command, do they listen. Yeah... tight.

Here's my two favorite parts in the movie (so far, I haven't finished it yet).
The Japanese are not playing by the rules of war (the Geneva treaties) and the British officers refuse to comply. So the officers are standing out in the open in the camp as a truck rolls into the camp and stops in front of them. They stand tall. The back of the truck falls open revealing a fifty pound revolving gatling gun. They stand tall. The Japanese Colonial (Staito) gives them a last chance to comply. They stand tall.

You'll have to watch the movie to find out what happens.

My other favorite part is when they drag the British Commander out of "the oven". He can barely see, barely stand, barely breathe... but when he sees all of his men saluting him, he stands tall and with all he has in him; walks all the way to Colonial Staito's quaters.


  1. Christine says:

    I *LOVE* that movie!!! (But isn't it called Bridge over the River Kwai? That's what I thought)

  1. Kade says:

    give me a break will ya?

    i can't be right all the time. :)

  1. Haven't seen that in a while, but yeah, it was a good movie!