Holt and DDR

Posted: May 19, 2010 by Kade in

So the other day we were at Jim Holt's watch party (he was running for U.S. Senate)... but unfortunately, we lost. I'm really bummed about it too... I worked really hard 'cause I wanted this guy to make it! And I'm not a good loser really. (even though, I'm the loser)

But haha, God knows what He's doing. He's had a lot of practice, ya know. And He may not be done yet! Maybe they will have a recount and find some voting fraud or something.

But it was a fun party anyways! While in the gaming area of Fast Lane, there was this dude who was completely ridiculous at Dance Dance Revolution! He was moving crazy fast!

But you know what I said? "Come on, dude. Kick it up a notch! Is this thing running a bit slow or something?" Haha, I kept giving this complete stranger a hard time about how "slow" he was going. Then, after I while, I hopped on the other side of the Dance pad and started dancing with him (even though the other side wasn't on)... and boy was that fun! And of course, everyone else thought it was funny when they saw that I wasn't actually dancing!

God bless Jim Holt and his family for attempting something for God's glory!!


  1. Camden says:

    Wow, that's awesomely hilarious! =)


    2 Samuel 6:14a

    And David danced before the LORD with all his might.

  1. Madison says:

    Haha!I So Mr. Gangsta can dance! lol Very funny!

  1. LOL looks like fun!.

  1. Eldarwen says:

    My friend Amanda and I do stuff like this all. The. Time. You are not alone. ;) It's fun, huh? Actually, we like to go to Six Flags and go around asking people stupid questions, like, "Can you tell me where the nearest bathroom is?" then walking the opposite direction they tell us to go. lol =D Fun, fun, fun. btw, I could so beat you at that game! I've got some wicked dance skills *dusts off shoulder*. Oh, and look how "fast" you're going! :P *wink*wink*

    jk, jk